Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Yessirie Easter Is Upon The Horizon!

March 30, 2015

The Mission

Dear Family & Friends,

Thank you so much for your email! That women's meeting really made me think about you all and the different things you all are pursuing in life. Although I felt a lot like the woman who said that she has no patience for kids and was glad that I was not alone in that respect :) I was very pleased to hear the women be so bold about defending the doctrine of the family. I'm ashamed to sound like a feminist but I sometimes dread going to the women's meeting because some of the speakers fall into the habit of sugar-coating things, but they certainly didn't this time. I went with the question of how we as women can better defend the priesthood and our brethren in it and obtain power to do so; I absolutely loved that story of the girl who fought off an angry mob with the word of God. Yay women!

Yessirie Easter is upon the horizon! I hope that it is a spiritually uplifting and beautiful one for you all. I hear that the church is taking over Youtube homepage again for the whole day of Easter. Nothing but LDS links and no stupid/sleezy ones! What a cool break THAT will be! And soon we'll celebrate Mommy's Day! How weird will it be when I skype home and bro will be there?? BAH!! I may or may not already feeling a bit trunkified, but I will not allow myself to become the full aspect of the word "trunky"! I can't afford it! Too many things are happening! However, if I was truly trunky I would not even stress about about setting some goals upon coming home (i.e. go out with the missionaries; working a couple of jobs, hopefully one at a school; applying for college (again) maybe at UVU (open enrollment!); transferring my records to the Single's Ward ; etc.).

I am so PSYCHED for General Conference! So many cool things will be revealed, I can't stand it! It's like Christmas! (Christmas and Easter all rolled into one? BAH!!)

Our car is back safe and sound (or as safe as can be expected except for an annoying rumbling noise when it doesn't have time to warm up). Luckily the weather is a-warmin! Slowly but surely!

Everyone in our Zone is working so hard it is truly miraculous! We have 40 bap dates after we set the goal for 30, woohoo!!

Thim, Brother Lefferts, and Brad all came to church! I was so amazed at the wonderful reception the members gave to Brad. It was his first time at church and he stayed for all three meetings, plus the potluck afterwards. Since it was the fifth Sunday, he truly enjoyed the third hour all about missionary work and he gave a referral to the Elders saying that he wanted to bring his friend to church with him next time. We look forward to seeing him progress in the gospel and work toward May 9th, but will be giving him over to the Elders to teach :) Thim enjoyed the testimonies, but her daughter and niece were desperate to get home, so she didn't stay for the rest :( But I was so happy to see them there.

The "Because He Lives" initiative has been a wonderful finding tool, although not many people were interested in inviting us back to hear more. Still, we were able to get the word out there in a way that would not have been as heart-softening if we hadn't. We shared the card with Alina, who we met a while ago, and she is open to meeting with us this week! And she has a family!

We set a date with Andrea and she is excited to watch General Conference; she asked us also if we could meet with her more than once a week which was incredible!

I loved that quote you concluded you email with: we ARE standing in the the place of the Savior for we are representing Him. If I can help but one more person this week understand more about the Atonement, it will verify this truth. I love Elder Wirthlin's message he gave about the Savior's Atonement and how each child of God's "Sunday Will Come" for our Lord and Savior is the one with whom we can overcome all of the frailities of life...even death. I love when Elder Christiansen also lighted upon this eternal fact when he stated: "You can't do this. If you rely solely upon your own strength, then there is no way that your mission can be fulfilled. Only with the Lord can this work be done." Use His Atonement, and you never need fear that the burden is too heavy.

Love you all more than I love boxes of cereal for $1.00!

-Sister Weaver-

P.S. We passed a store today called "Cartridge World" and I had to quote: "Do you sell cartridges here?" ..."Here? At Cartridge World? Gee, I dunno..."

The cute Lefferts took us out
to lunch for her birthday
at this swanky restaurant!
It was so nice!
At the restaurant,
there was this
bathroom stall for
"Special Little People".
Sister King said it
was just for me...
it was like a nursery potty!
 And yes, I used it.

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