Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Miracle Occurred On An Exchange!

March 2, 2015
Sister Weaver & Sister King
Us at Zone Conference after our
stressful 20 min. training.
Happy March!

YES, Mother, that was pretty darn stern...but it gets dark early here so...it'll be fine once daylight saving comes around :)

As far as layers go...yeah I just wear sweaters and wool socks and my puffy coat and I'm fine. Maybe I'm FINALLY getting acclimated! (It only took 13 months :)

Sad day about Sissy... :( It's okay though, because she is stronger now: for what does not kill us makes us stronger, right?

Yeah don't despise me greatly, but I still have to call Sister Carter...but I will this week! Promise! We talked to Sister Baeten yesterday...(she gave us a ride because we have to EPICALLY cut down on miles this month, which I'm stressing about, but it'll be great because it's all so we can see and listen to a training given by an APOSTLE!! Don't know who yet :) She said that the performances last a week, but there is no way we have to stay for all of it...maybe like 1-2 days? I just want to see the amazing examples of everyone participating--people of all ages who are literally set apart as performing missionaries for this time. It is such a miraculous thing! Also, how far is Carthage from here?

Thanks for prepping for this amazing time where people from ALL over will see and witness the story of the Restoration and get the word out there in this wonderful way that the true church of Jesus Christ is again established! If sissy can't come, I can always fly home. The Nauvoo Pageant will always be around :) Whatever everyone wants to do is peaches and cream with muah.

It is so wonderful seeing you all participate in your callings with FULL purpose of heart. It completely breaks mine when I see people from the church fall away into inactivity, especially so soon after their baptism :( We covenant to "bear one another's burdens that they may be light" and serving in the church is how we do that...along with missionary work. In essence, we covenant to be missionaries, following the example of Jesus Christ, exercising His priesthood and power to bind up the broken hearted.

On Sunday it was very wonderful to see two of our investigators come and participate in fast and testimony meeting. Brother Leffert, a non-member who we have been teaching for a little bit, bore his testimony after his wife, who is a member got up and bore hers...it was very spiritual and uplifting to see him bear what he knows to be true! Kelly also came, who is still working on overcoming her smoking habit.

On exchanges I went with Sister Blood to see Thim, who has been investigating a while. We brought Sister Mielke, who has fellowshipped her in the past and a miracle occurred! Thim shared with us a dream she had a couple days prior about "the building" Sister Mielke showed her long ago...which was the Salt Lake Temple. She was driving with her two daughters in the back seat and saw the temple standing amidst a giant wave of water that was flooding the whole valley. She grabbed her daughters' hands and said that she would see them again. Right when the water reached her, she said she felt a wonderful warmth and joy coming from the sun, more than she ever had. When she asked us about what the dream meant, we thought it was meant to be because we had prepared to teach her about temples and eternal family! When I showed her a drawing that shows how baptism is the gate that leads us to the straight path through the temple and onto God, she thought it wonderful how the picture showed the sun representing God's presence...just like in her dream...THEN she said the amazing part: "Maybe the water in my dream represents baptism..." It was amazing she came to that personal revelation! She discussed how she needs to tell her boyfriend about her desires to be baptized but she is afraid :( We promised her that the blessing of an eternal family could be hers if she follows the Spirit and God's will for her to be baptized and be that example for her children and boyfriend.

Thank you for those remarks from President Samuel. I have so loved learning more about the New Testament, especially the example of Peter, on my mission.

Love you all more than a missionary loves getting mail!

-Sister Weaver-
Just LOOK at what the Elders did to our car!!!
 In the words of Sister Bennett:
Do we really have to marry these species????

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