Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Saints Prasarve Us!

March 16, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

My trainer Sister Anderson is
now officially engaged!!
Check out her hunk of bumin’ love!
  Yay, for the RM’s who get married!!!!

Saints Prasarve Us! (You like my attempt? ...And yet all I hear is Da's "...It gives me da winds somethin' fierce!")

That is so cool to hear about Nicole and Damon! Send them my congrats! I will also for sure wish the peeps a happy birthday!

That is hilarious about the power-outage. And I'm not surprised about Da rushing to the rescue.

Yeah, Sister King and I had a panic attack when we saw that by the time bro comes home we will have like 3 months left. AHHHHH!!!!!!!! There's so much more I still have to do! I am so excited that bro is going to have that time to y'all by himself. Yay family-time!

Yes this week is going to be amazing driving up to Milwaukee to hear Elder Perry! Did you know he served in Wisconsin??

Exchanges with the Wisconsin Rapids Sisters went great! Sister Elkington is a very strong missionary in the aspect that she is always willing to do the work, even if it is tracting for an hour. In the attached pic we decided to get a pic at the cemetery since it was all melty! Sister Hoehn bought us ice cream and drove us around before we went and got our car!!!! Woohoo!!!
Our Cemetery Adventure
Exchanges with the Gresham sisters was an adventure as well. My main goal, on that exchange, was to help Sister Cook re-establish the missionary purpose with those who the old sisters had been teaching/spending time with for a long while. We did so with Steve, who we invited to baptism and he said he would! Sister Cook is excited to help him stay on target for his baptism in May. We stayed with Grandma Rico, who is the perfect epitome of a "humble" servant of the Lord and has been housing missionaries for 10 years! She has an old wood-burning stove and makes the craziest concoctions anywhere from road-kill to carrot and beet-juice...I had four oatmeal and carrot pancakes for breakfast, but had to stay away from her homemade yoghurt. I'm sure it was delicious.
Grandma Rico herself!!
This week we met so many new and prepared people ready to receive the gospel. The Lord gives us power when we open our mouths, and my testimony was strengthened in that aspect of the F.A.S.T. this week. I am grateful for the goals we have set as a Zone to prepare for the coming of an apostle by establishing expectations with our investigators and setting baptismal dates, and also building our teaching pool once more. We discussed how we as leaders will set a bap date by the end of last week to set the example and be held accountable before our zone, and with much pleading to the Lord, He granted us the opportunity to set one with one of the elder's referrals, Sandra. She got more excited learning about the Book of Mormon, after she tried to give back her copy last week, as we taught the restoration while drawing her the BOM map, and committed to work toward baptism on May 2nd. I look forward to see her progress!

We also met Brad, who opened up to us about how the Lord has blessed him and is currently trying to find a place to live and get on his feet. The Spirit was so strong! He agreed to check out church, so we hope to see him there soon!

Thim finally came to church! And she brought her daughter (who wasn't too happy to be there, but after talking with Elders Vang about church, she softened up a bit). We met with her on Friday on a whim catching her right as she was getting home, and encouraged her to talk to her boyfriend about her desires for baptism. We agreed to review the lessons with her, since it's been a while and she is shaky on understanding the doctrine, as she helps him see how much it will bless their family's lives. Luckily, the elders have been teaching her nieces, so they are willing to help work with her husband.

CATHY: Hope your birthday was amazing and you all ate a lot of cake for me! Hope you have a wonderful week and I love you so much! Thank you for all of your support and beautiful example you are! MUAH!!

"...And may the road rise up ta meet ya!"

Love you all more than Patrick loves being a saint! Have the happiest St. Patty's Day and yup, we all need to be united in green!

-Sister Weaver-

FHE with the Hmong peeps!!!

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