Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy Spring(?)

March 23, 2015

Happy Spring(?) Family & Friends,

Yeah we were shown the "Because He Lives" video a couple of months ago and it is so wonderful to see people open up more when we try sharing a "card" about a video about Jesus for Easter, rather than charging in with first impressions of the fact we are missionaries and yes, we do want to baptize you, haha.

That's good that you are on break! You sure do deserve it Momasita!

Sad day that bro is getting transferred, but good, too! Transfers are upon us as well! Luckily our whole district is staying the same, but SO many other changes are happening!! WAUKESHA CLOSED as a sister's area :( ! Just the Spanish and English Elders are left! But we are over one more area of sisters as STL's! Woohoo!

I am truly grateful for the inspired missionaries in this mission. This last week we set the goal to set 30 baptismal dates and so far our zone has exceeded the goal by 6. We know what we are capable of and we seek to maintain these dates in which we can help our investigators more effectively progress towards baptism.

I am so grateful for the counsel given at Mission Conference as well. It truly was inspired :) No Elder L. Tom Perry though :( I guess that he was needed elsewhere to prepare for General Conference, because Thomas S. Monson and Elder Packer's health is not doing well, so he is next in command. It was okay though because Elder Christiansen from the Seventy said the words I think we all needed to hear. It will greatly help the mission become a more Christ like and focused people :) ...And I have a feeling that General Conference will yield many changes as well, concerning revelation and leadership. And it was so great to see everyone (still here) from the mission and hear about what's happening in our old areas. I guess that Eric in Sun Prairie is set for April 11th and the Elders are teaching him now! And Candy and Kathy from Waukesha are going to the temple! After the meeting, we were all so emotionally and spiritually drained like WE had just gone to the temple...I have no doubts that the Celestial Kingdom will feel any less like that experience did (except for the draining part :) I look forward to having that kind of reunion with my brothers and sisters I have served with and among once more when we reach the presence of our Lord and Savior. We got to take a whole mission picture, which was very claustrophobic, but it should be on the mission blog.

We saw Brad again and invited him to baptism, where he said that he would if he knew the gospel was true. Lorena, our new investigator with a lot of promise, said she wanted to talk to her husband to see if he would like to learn with her! And Andrea, our referral from the elders who is striving for her May 9th baptism, has been reading the Book of Mormon with her boyfriend Andres, who is continuing to sit in for discussions. Mai Lee, a recent convert, will be a wonderful fellowshipper for them. Kelly, who is set for April 25th, is only down to half a pack a day! We hope she will continue to work towards quitting her smoking habit.

On Sunday we were so pleased to see the Lissner's stay for all three meetings and we will be continuing new member lessons this week. They are both striving to get their patriarchal blessings. Amy also came! Sister Harris, who just got home from her mission, wants to help fellowship her during the new member lessons instead of JUST the Chadderdon’s. Amy is doing very well being a good example of living the commandments to her family...it's just getting her to church that's been the issue. Brother Mar also came to church (all by himself!), and Kelly stayed for all three meetings.

I echo the words of our inspired leaders from Mission Conference, when they stated during the Q&A when asked about how we can stay focused on our missions and our purpose as the Lord's anointed proclaimers of truth: Look to the examples of Christ-like love: Your Mission President and his wife, your parents, your family members your true friends and those who are praying for you and setting the best examples of Christ in your life. Look to them and act in accordance with their examples, and you will never lose sight of your purpose. Thanks for being such wonderful examples of Christlike love to me :) Love you as much as I love this work!

-Sister Weaver-

P.S. Please let me know if there is anything you need or I can help with :)

Our ride to Milwaukee! We stayed in Waukesha
over night with the Blacks!!! My favorite theatrical
family of craziness! I was so happy to catch up
with them and the happenings in the ward!
They made us breakfast and their sons put girly
sheets on their beds (since we were staying the
night in their rooms) while everyone camped out
downstairs. It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen!
I saw Sister Rousseau at Conference!    
Gabby's one-year mark for being
baptized was yesterday!

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