Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mommyoyupya! (Imagine that in my squeaky voice)

Us on da bus!    
March 9, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

That's awesome that President sent you a letter, he is so amazing...even though I fell oober intimidated by him sometimes when I feel I am not meeting the expectations as an STL, (baptizing frequently, getting people to church, etc.). But he truly is inspired and this is the call he must fulfill! MLC was amazing and "priesthood" based, talking about the POWER of the priesthood versus the AUTHORITY of the priesthood. I love when Sister Cutler said, "priesthood power does not come with a calling, it comes with personal worthiness..." How true that is!  We will be giving a training on that tomorrow so I'm excited!  Then the Assistants gave a training on asking for and following up with referrals, doing a role-play that was HILARIOUS! There is only one Elder Stephens...all I can say is that costumes were involved.

We haven't gotten to see L. Tom Perry yet, that will be on the 21st, but it will be so great to see ALL the missionaries too, literally united in the cause of Christ!

So, we may or may not have been without a car this whole week. We were leaking oil, so we went to Sears to get it checked. After thinking it was just a small leak, since it was a new car they said that there was split in our crankshaft and oil was getting EVERYWHERE! So they sent us over to Subaru and after a lot of car-language talk that I don't understand they said that we could come get our car the next day after they fixed it. We come the next day (sweet amazing members who give us rides!) then amidst even more car talk they say that one of the chains snapped and combusted the engine...So just a few more days. Then, we get a call that our parts got lost in Georgia, so...yeah. If there is one thing I have learned from this experience NEVER EVER BUY A SUBARU! But, the people have been very gracious about it, offering us a rental to drive, even though we sadly, cannot drive non-mission-owned vehicles :) So happy day all is well!

This experience has also taught me how wonderful people are. MLC was in Oshkosh (about 1 1/2 hours away), so the Hmong Elders, without hesitation, offered us their car to drive, we were so thankful! (Even when the key stayed jammed in the ignition and we had to call them to come and fix THAT! I have about had it with cars...just sayin.) Then yesterday when we all went to dinner, they passed us walking then stopped their car told us to drive it and then waited for the other Elders to come and give them a ride to the appointment.... They are so sweet, I could cry!!!

All I can say is...Thank you President for allowing us to get bus passes! We got them just in time! I think one reason that Sister King is here is because of her vast knowledge/experience of taking the bus! While figuring out how to adjust to life without a vehicle (we pray our parts will be coming today, we have a training to give tomorrow), we found ourselves prioritizing who should be visited and who could be visited. A lot of phone calls were made. Members were gracious in giving us rides when buses were unavailable, but we found ourselves knocking many new doors.

Stake Conference rocked! They are implementing a new 30-day media challenge, so that will be fun to follow up with.

Before Saturday's Stake Conference, we were privileged to meet a member from Rhinelander named Alyssa (who contacted us beforehand) and her two non-member friends who we had the opportunity to share the Book of Mormon with and refer to the Rhinelander Elders, who know the member really well and her enthusiasm for this work. They had a lot of questions about the church, so we helped them understand a little more about it and Alyssa and them gave us a ride to Stake Conference! They stayed for most of the meeting and we hope to hear more about their experience.

Brother Leffert also came! Even though he is not a member, he truly does respect and honor the priesthood, asking for a blessing for his wife. We look forward to continue to teach him about the gospel. I have seen the power of the priesthood so much this week. Another one of our investigators is in the hospital and wanted a blessing. That truly was an inspired training Prez and Sister Cutler gave!

It truly was miraculous to see all those LARC's come to Stake Conference! The Mars came, who have been very less active due to some judgment issues about Brother Mar not receiving the priesthood...But after meeting with them, we had a very good lesson and he agrees to meet with the Elders to learn what he has to do to receive the Aaronic Priesthood.

Yay family I cannot wait to see y'all's smiling faces in person! The church is true! The priesthood is real! There's nothing more humbling than WALKING to our various destinations in life!

Love you more than I love the sound of ice melting!

-Sister Weaver-

Allison would be sooooooo psyched
to eat lunch at this cute tea place
we went with one of our investigators!

Elder Hubert (from my first area!)
is a Zone Leader now! *sniff*
they just grow up so fast! He reminds
me so much of bro it ain't even funny
March 6, 2015 Leadership Council
Sister Weaver and Sister King, Wausau

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