Wednesday, May 27, 2015

No...President Didn't Yell At Me...He Kills With Kindness!

May 26, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

Awww! Thanks Mom! You da best! I'm not sure if they have received it or not...but I will check. We email at the university library, but our P-day was switched to Tuesday, because Prez wanted everyone working on Memorial Day. I am excited you saw that video it truly was inspiring! Yay Karissa, too!! I am so happy she is married and moving on to the next chapter in her life. And Kelsey??? Craziness!

Haha no President didn't yell at me or anything, he kills with kindness (which I think is worse sometimes...) But this week went a lot better (despite only having 8 other lessons...ouch! But we were both sick, so...that's my excuse) Anywho! We have a progressing investigator!!! The first in I don't know HOW long! Lun Cheng is his name. Atheist turned Christian. Totally cool. I love Asians.

Thanks for the pics! Time sure does fly, 2 months till I go back to land of non-full-time missionary-hood. BAH!!! But I still have time! It was so weird giving my farewell testimony at Zone Conference on Tuesday. I about died the whole meeting with anxiety; it was like my first lesson all over again! But I think it may have been one of the best testimonies I have ever given. I am thankful for the example of my family, instilling in me the importance of learning and growing in families. I hope it was okay, but I mentioned the Pukahi's, too and how Jessica came home and taught the discussions to her brother. Truly, the greatest missionary work we will ever do will be within our own families. I know this work is true. I do not want to go back to my fisherman's net, but I want to be an RM ("returning" not "retired"). I hope that the experiences I have learned here will help me to become a better wife and mother in Zion.

This week four families from the ward participated in 8 p.m. member lessons and the outcome was astounding! It was very good to see Brother West, who has been skeptical about God, as he has been pursuing learning about science, open up about his beliefs and how knowledge of the gospel has blessed him. Sister West confided in us the frustration she's been feeling about his stubbornness and expressed her gratitude for the 8 p.m. member lessons with them. We look forward to teaching them the Plan of Salvation!

We met a less active that the bishop's wife has been fellowshipping and she is eager to strengthen her testimony once more and receive the discussions. Emily also had all the missionaries over for dinner! Her first time doing so!

Lun Cheng came to church on Sunday for all three meetings and enjoyed it, especially Gospel Principles where we talked of covenant making and keeping. He had questions about learning the "logic" behind commandments during our lesson, and is struggling to understand the concept of faith, but after inviting him to pray with us and ask God if they are true he did so and we encouraged him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. After coming as far as he has from atheism, I know he will receive his answer.

Sorry, I forgot my camera, so no pics for the moment :( I'm a little worried about my companion, she has been struggling a bit today...So, please pray for her :)

Love you all oodles and oodles!

-Sister Weaver-

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

This Week Was Better After Receiving A Blessing

May 18, 2015

After a long session of planning/mapping out where to go and who to see :)    

My Dearest Familia & Friends,

That's so cool that Austinio gave his mission report. I can just imagine him there, hashing out everything, black and white, just like he never fails to do! What a boss.

This week was better. After receiving a blessing from Brother Gardner, I felt much more comforted and had the re-affirming confirmation from the Spirit that the Lord needs me here.

It has been HOT (humid more so) but nice. Yesterday we and the other three sets of elders had a dinner appointment at the same place and we all walked the 20 minutes in the dripping heat, I think I left a nice puddle on the members' couch. But it was still nice to get to know everybody and Sister Senior was sweet and gave us a ride to our next appointment :)

After receiving a bit of chastisement in emails from President about how this ward NEEDS focus on retention and re-activation, I re-evaluated my goals of just solely baptism and really want to help the members here. This week I have found how many members are in true need of the gospel and the love of God. After I made the mistake of testifying of the truth of "The Family: A Proc to the World" with a less-active Emily, who is pro-gay marriage (along with a lot of members in the ward), she was moved by Moroni 7 and the peace that it brought to her and the new life she is bringing into the world. She has been struggling with her faith after 4 miscarriages, but I think she is beginning to understand that God does not make bad things happen to good people. She came with us to a lesson with Lun Cheng, who is preparing to be baptized on July 4th, and I think it was very good for her to bear her testimony once more.

The more member lessons we have been able to set have shown great miracles as well. A couple members have felt comfortable asking us questions that others have asked them, in which they have questioned their faith. I admire how much Sister Schlosser shows love to each member and an understanding of the trials they are going through. I hope to continue to develop that same love and understanding as well. The people here are very dedicated to finding truth, but need the rock-solid testimony that will help them STAY saints of the Church of Jesus Christ.
We were so happy when Kendall came to Julia's lesson and bore powerful testimony about the Holy Ghost and baptism. We look forward to seeing her work towards baptism on July 11th.

Sorry this is so short! I will take more pics, too! I love you all and thank you so much for your prayers and hope that the work continues to progress in your neck of the woods!

Don't know if you've had the opportunity to see this Mormon Message yet, but it is a new one that just came out called "Lift" where 50 men keep their baptismal covenants through helping 1 woman:
Stay wonderful family of mine!

-Sister Weaver-

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


May 11, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

I am so happy the Pukahi's were there it was a great surprise! And Cathy and Nani I love you all SOO much!! Thanks for being patient with me as I vented all of my stress and frustrations. Sorry I was being so negative about all my anxiety. I think part of it is my lack of control without a car, not knowing people, all rolled into one big heap of change. Clearly the Lord is preparing me for something here, what it is I have NO idea. But I am on the watch for it.

Who are we to become without our trials, anyway?

WOW! Madison is different from any missionary work I have ever done before. I pray that I may get acclimated soon and that the Lord may grant me grace equal to my day.

Our goals of this transfer consist of the following: FIND, TEACH, BAPTIZE! Finding and setting baptismal dates is something we will really try to focus on as well as continue to teach in member's homes and help with retention. Last night we had a very powerful lesson with the Floyd's, who are very eager to help us with our teaching skills and helping others come unto Christ. The Spirit was so strong and it was our first time teaching a full-on lesson together! Don't mean to toot our own horn, but we have some awesome companion unity! Sister Schlosser is a very gifted teacher and she appreciated how I gave her the opportunity to teach, apparently past companions liked to take over. I am excited to get to teach with her!

We also met with Tim, who has been investigating for ten years and I am eager to help answer his questions and help him to overcome the fears he has with regards to baptism. One of our Less Actives, Emily, who has been struggling with her testimony, had a wonderful missionary experience when she asked us how to send missionaries to her twin sister in Rhode Island. Her sister invited them back for dinner! I'm thankful her testimony is continuing to grow and she sees the miracles of missionary work.

Thank you for the prayers you continue to send up in my behalf and that of my fellow laborers in the vineyard of our Lord!

Love you to the moon, then to Saturn, then to Pluto (is that still a planet?) and back!

-Sister Weaver-

Fare thee well, Sister King!
I knew you well!
Flowers for you Mom...
I couldn't buy you any... :(

MY FAVORITE FAMILY!  Hope everybody had a great Mother's Day!! It was so good to chat with you all even though I was EXHAUSTED! I am so thankful for how wonderful of a family I am blessed with! Love you all and know that you are all in my prayers forever!  Annette and her family are here as we are Skyping Ashley...pretty cool. Austin gave his homecoming talk today. Love you all

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I'm Getting Transferred...To The Only BUS AREA BAHHHH!!!!

MAY 4, 2015


That's good to hear brohamsef is all settled :) ...But I think I can gander at what he is probably feeling. When you return home, spiritual progression slows down. It's sad, but it's reality. The sooner that missionaries realize that, then the easier it is to transition back to normal life. It is not something we want to have happen, but it does. That is something I am NOT looking forward to, for sure. And how RIDICULOUS is it that next to no people from our ward are planning on serving a mission for the Lord! I can think of nothing more depressing. We need to get people excited about missionary work. I'm excited Austin gets to be an RM: a "returnING" missionary...not a "retired" missionary.

Mai Lee, Sister Harris
(who just got back from her
mission and is from Salem too!),
 and me being spazzes.
I am so thankful for the opportunity I have had to serve the wonderful people in the Wausau Ward! (I'm getting the only BUS AREA BAHHHH!!!!!) So this should be interesting. I'm going to get so buff. And tan. But it will be good for me :) I need toughening up. Wausau has been so great seeing how the members have gotten so excited to do the will of the Lord by being involved and having missionary experiences. I am excited to meet the wonderful people of Madison (the same place where Sister King came from!!!! Again!!!) And teach all the people she baptized! And talk to crazies on the bus who think they're Jesus! And meet wonderful people ready to hear the Gospel! I am just SO glad that I didn't get put on buses in the winter. I may have died.
Me and Eva!
Anywho! This week one of our returning less actives Eva Nichols brought her friend Bonnie and her two kids to the Young Women's Spaghetti Dinner and then they came to church on Sunday for all three meetings! Bonnie loved testimony meeting and the wonderful comments JT (who just got baptized last Tuesday!) and others made about the apostasy and restoration. She said she has found her church :)

In testimony meeting so many people got up and bore testimony of their missionary experiences. A couple of which we asked and others who we didn't. The Spirit was so strong!
They made all the
missionaries shirts! AHH!!!
We also taught Rachel, a woman who came to the church building during interviews curious about the church. Her pastor told her to not post anything on Facebook defending the Mormons, who are "misguided" and she didn't agree with it. We taught her the Restoration and more about what we profess. I'm glad she came to the right source to find out the truth of what we believe. She is interested in receiving discussions, but not sure about baptism yet.

The Lissners 
(Recent Convert/returning 
less active family)
The Lissner's didn't come to church!! After promising they would! We are going to stop by this week and have a heart to heart with them. After our lesson on Wednesday, they seemed very adamant to continue to prepare, Brother Lissner himself saying how he really wants to find names on his dad's side to bring to the temple. We will keep helping them to focus on the ultimate goal of being sealed in the temple--and coming to church must be a priority for that to happen!

Family, I am so grateful for the blessing I have had to serve with you and away from you, but still with you in the gospel. I will continue to keep you in my prayers and ask you to please pray that I may adjust to buses well after my pampered "whole mission the driver" lifestyle comes to a close :)

My mom away from home!! 
She always makes me 
feel the Spirit :)
MOTHER'S DAY: I have no idea what's happening, but I will tell the members, whoever they are, your phone number so have it at the ready!! All will work out somehow.

Love you all!

-Sister Weaver-

Me with two of the YSA's in the ward,
 Anna Huckbody and Taylor Chadderdon

Sister Cox, who we were going 
to Skype with :( She is so AWESOME!

...I think Sister Demille (the bishop's wife)
 wants me to stay. She's so British!

Sister Harris' baby cow! 
So cute!