Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I'm Getting Transferred...To The Only BUS AREA BAHHHH!!!!

MAY 4, 2015


That's good to hear brohamsef is all settled :) ...But I think I can gander at what he is probably feeling. When you return home, spiritual progression slows down. It's sad, but it's reality. The sooner that missionaries realize that, then the easier it is to transition back to normal life. It is not something we want to have happen, but it does. That is something I am NOT looking forward to, for sure. And how RIDICULOUS is it that next to no people from our ward are planning on serving a mission for the Lord! I can think of nothing more depressing. We need to get people excited about missionary work. I'm excited Austin gets to be an RM: a "returnING" missionary...not a "retired" missionary.

Mai Lee, Sister Harris
(who just got back from her
mission and is from Salem too!),
 and me being spazzes.
I am so thankful for the opportunity I have had to serve the wonderful people in the Wausau Ward! (I'm getting transferred...to the only BUS AREA BAHHHH!!!!!) So this should be interesting. I'm going to get so buff. And tan. But it will be good for me :) I need toughening up. Wausau has been so great seeing how the members have gotten so excited to do the will of the Lord by being involved and having missionary experiences. I am excited to meet the wonderful people of Madison (the same place where Sister King came from!!!! Again!!!) And teach all the people she baptized! And talk to crazies on the bus who think they're Jesus! And meet wonderful people ready to hear the Gospel! I am just SO glad that I didn't get put on buses in the winter. I may have died.
Me and Eva!
Anywho! This week one of our returning less actives Eva Nichols brought her friend Bonnie and her two kids to the Young Women's Spaghetti Dinner and then they came to church on Sunday for all three meetings! Bonnie loved testimony meeting and the wonderful comments JT (who just got baptized last Tuesday!) and others made about the apostasy and restoration. She said she has found her church :)

In testimony meeting so many people got up and bore testimony of their missionary experiences. A couple of which we asked and others who we didn't. The Spirit was so strong!
They made all the
missionaries shirts! AHH!!!
We also taught Rachel, a woman who came to the church building during interviews curious about the church. Her pastor told her to not post anything on Facebook defending the Mormons, who are "misguided" and she didn't agree with it. We taught her the Restoration and more about what we profess. I'm glad she came to the right source to find out the truth of what we believe. She is interested in receiving discussions, but not sure about baptism yet.

The Lissners 
(Recent Convert/returning 
less active family)
The Lissner's didn't come to church!! After promising they would! We are going to stop by this week and have a heart to heart with them. After our lesson on Wednesday, they seemed very adamant to continue to prepare, Brother Lissner himself saying how he really wants to find names on his dad's side to bring to the temple. We will keep helping them to focus on the ultimate goal of being sealed in the temple--and coming to church must be a priority for that to happen!

Family, I am so grateful for the blessing I have had to serve with you and away from you, but still with you in the gospel. I will continue to keep you in my prayers and ask you to please pray that I may adjust to buses well after my pampered "whole mission the driver" lifestyle comes to a close :)

My mom away from home!! 
She always makes me 
feel the Spirit :)
MOTHER'S DAY: I have no idea what's happening, but I will tell the members, whoever they are, your phone number so have it at the ready!! All will work out somehow.

Love you all!

-Sister Weaver-

Me with two of the YSA's in the ward,
 Anna Huckbody and Taylor Chadderdon

Sister Cox, who we were going 
to Skype with :( She is so AWESOME!

...I think Sister Demille (the bishop's wife)
 wants me to stay. She's so British!

Sister Harris' baby cow! 
So cute!

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