Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wow! That Is Crazy That So Many People Are Coming Home And Heading Out!

April 27, 2015
Me and my trunky papers
(a.k.a. the papers that tell us
to work hard these last months!
 And travel info) I am looking
a lot more sad than I am.
 But I am still freaking out.
 It has become real now!
Dearest Family of Mine,

Thank you for REMEMBERING TO TAKE PICS when Bro comes home!!!! ... Film would be cool, too. I can't believe it! Bro is coming home and Sister King and I JUST got our trunky papers. I am so happy that we did together. Question: Will I still be getting a flight itinerary?

Wow! That is crazy that so many people are coming home and heading out! Yes, I do remember Miles!! Yay him! I will tell Sister Cox that 4:00 would be nice...Also, I HAVE NO IDEA if I am getting transferred or not next week so who I am doing the Mother's Day call with I do not know!!! But I hope I stay for another! It is weird that I only have two transfers left of the mission.

I have not met more prepared people than I have this last week. Sarah has always been studying and searching for the true church and surprisingly enough she hasn't studied the "Mormons" before. She has such a strong Spirit and everything we have taught her rings true and "makes sense." She has been consistently reading and praying to know if the Book of Mormon is true and her husband also has questions. She wants her children to learn too!

A woman named Linda referred herself online after one of her customers invited her to do so. She began to cry as she pled with us as to why life was so unfair. I bore testimony that life is hard. But God is aware of us and loves us. He has given truths to cling to and live to make it back to Him and feel Him more in our lives. Sadly, those truths have been lost for a while, so there is a lot of confusion. But because the Lord loves us, He has brought them back again. After teaching her the Restoration, she says that this is what she is looking for. She has been looking for a reason to keep on going and she wants to work towards baptism on June 13th.

(...SO, in answer to your question about what I would bear testimony of in the 2 minute time-span, that God LOVES His children! It is what every person needs to hear. It is why we are here.)

We received a member referral from a less active that is searching as well and has always been drawn to the Mormon religion. She wanted to know what to do to be baptized before we even finished the Restoration. She is also blind, so she has a nurse read the Book of Mormon to her. It is difficult for her to come to church because she has a hose in her trachea for oxygen so she needs special permission, but she really wants to go. We agreed to keep meeting with her until we all could figure something out.

New member discussions are still coming along. We are trying very hard to get Amy to church and Brother Lissner is going home teaching and doing well! Blake Nichols brought his friend to one of the lessons and he loves coming to church with him, so his mom is also interested and his younger brother, too! Yay families!!

GUESS WHAT???? Eric, that guy from Sun Prairie who we met and taught for a while got baptized on Saturday!!! Finally!!! I had fasted and prayed he would and now he has made a covenant with the Lord that will bless him and his family for generations!! Plus check out the amazing work that our zone is doing with baptismal dates!
Part of the bap date record for the mission    
(I love seeing so much yellow!) I can't believe that so many miracles are abounding in the Wisconsin Milwaukee mission! We had a Zone call with President Pleshec from the Stake and he testified that the best missionaries he has ever known are in the Wausau Zone. Ahh! My heart!!

Thank you for your sweet testimony! I am so blessed to have a family like you! Love you as much as I love the fact that I will see your faces soon!

-Sister Weaver-
Sorry it's fuzzy :(
We are in the library.
Nothing too snazzy: just a trim.

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