Monday, April 20, 2015

We Went On Two Exchanges This Week So I Am BEAT!

April 20, 2015

Sister Payne and Sister Cook. 
Sister Cook is 24 too...and older! 
WAHOO! Also, guess what? 
I cut my hair. 
For the first time since on the mish. 
I missed my bangs. It was weird.
Dear Family & Friends,

I LOVE that talk! I will have to finish it during studies.

We went on two exchanges this week so I am BEAT! In Sacrament, we have missionary moments where people from the ward with kids on missions give updates and one of the letters said that they may admit themselves to the hospital upon returning home, and place themselves in an induced coma for a few weeks, just to keep up on sleep. I agree.

But it was great to spend some time with new sisters that had different struggles and strengths pertaining to their areas. I went to Shawano and Oshkosh and let me just say how epically AWESOME it was to spend the day with Sister Straight! She is still in training, so I had to do 12 week training, which was WEIRD since the last time I saw that book was when I was being trained...Bah! But guess where she is from?...The lovely land of Salem, Oregon!!! Her sister married Derek Christiansen from the Singles' Ward. It was so cool getting to talk to her about people I knew from home! How often does that happen to people who aren't from Utah?? She is a very hard worker and wanted to learn how to better teach from the Book of Mormon on first contacts so between appointments we were able to spend more time introducing people to the Book of Mormon. Exchanges with Sister Payne from Gresham/Shawano went very well seeing as she was able to work in her own area. I truly admire the patience and hard work she is putting in toward BOTH her areas.

Yesterday hailed many interesting developments. Thim told us she broke up with her 3-year live-in boyfriend and she took it as a sign from the Lord that this is the path that she must take...being baptized. We hope that she will continue to stand strong for what she knows to be right, despite the heartache :( We hope that we may set a date for her to be baptized this week. Also, I think we're gaining more trust from the members! After Sister King's talk on the Atonement and the scripture study we did as a mission, a couple of people want to do the same thing and the Bishop's wife, who we have just recently been invited over for dinner for the first time, wants us to help strengthen her daughter, whose testimony is dimming, and thinks that we can help her become more engaged in receiving a testimony of the Book of Mormon.

Sadly, we had to drop Kelly's date because she is still struggling with smoking. We let her know that we love her but there is not much more we can do to help her...that if she truly wants this the rest is up to her to overcome this smoking addiction. She is still going to talk to her doctor, but we are limiting our time visiting her, continuing to check in on her to see how she is doing, but we are not sure what more we can do to help her quit.

Sister Chadderdon, the wife of one of the ward missionaries, who has been very sweet to us but refuses to sit in on lessons the missionaries give finally PARTICIPATED in a lesson with Amy Deringer, our recent convert! We hope that this may help Amy continue to want to grow in the gospel and come to church more often than she has been.

Thank you, Momasita! and Familia for all that you do! Keep the faith!

-Sister Weaver-
Exchanging back.
Yup, that's my companion.

Thought of you Mother, 
when I saw this bumper sticker. 
It says: 
"Don't blame me, 
I voted for the American"

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