Tuesday, April 14, 2015

This Week Filled With Much Happiness & Sadness

April 13, 2015
Sister Weaver & Sister King
using whopper candy eggs
as lipstick.  Just saying.

Dear Family & Friends,

Thanks for the pics Momasita! She looks beautiful! I am so proud of her for being such an obedient and stalwart daughter of God being married for time and all eternity in the temple of our Lord! I can't wait to get to catch up with her again. I got Karissa's wedding announcement thank you! She looks so cute and I am so happy they will be married in the temple too!!! Ahh!! Everyone is so cute!

I am obviously not surprised that brosef is a DL. Not one bit. He is epic.

This week was filled with much happiness and sadness between finding, setting dates, dropping people and dates, finding random members of the church we didn't even know existed, the works! But the happiness outweighed the sadness for sure! I was so happy to be on exchanges with Sister Kunz! She helped me so much in asking for return appointments with new people using the Diana Holscher (from "The Missionary Next Door") method: "As missionaries we help others come unto Christ through teaching 6 consecutive lessons about His Gospel. If after the first, you are still not interested, then that's fine, but we know that the message we have will greatly influence your life and help you develop the relationship you have with Jesus Christ even more! Do weekdays or weekends work better?" We found three new investigators! She also led out teaching the Restoration on the doorstep to a man named Maurice who has a family! We will be meeting with them later this week.

As a zone we are working to get our baptismal dates progressing by setting goals to employ the use of members more to help them get to church and keep their commitments. We are also striving to keep finding and inviting more of God's children to baptism. Last weekend was killer stressful seeing as we had to spend ALL of p-day planning for Zone Training Meeting. We weirdly enough were given the bulk of the trainings, but it all tied together quite nicely. The theme that ended up coming about related to Peter and the other fishermen dropping their nets, or the life that they once lived to follow the Savior. It was brought up at MLC how as soon as the Savior left them, they went back to fishing...Are we going to do those same things? Not let what we do on our missions change us enough to forsake our lives as fishermen and endure to the end in the service of Christ? It was a pretty powerful ZTM. Consecration is key. We do this because we love the Lord. We obey the rules because we love the Lord. We sacrifice because we love the Lord. And we will continue to let this His gospel change us after our missions because we LOVE the Lord.

We found a few promising people this week: Ricky, a young 15 year-old Hmong boy who the Elders are now teaching and committed to baptism. We also contacted a referral who is an undercover former whose house burned down 6 years ago and wanted to replace her bible and Book of Mormon! And she has a family! Also one of our less-actives Cammi brought her friend Veronica to church and she is interested to learn more!

Sadly, Kelly is not doing very well with her smoking :(. We will have to drop her date for now, until she can commit to quitting for good! We hope to teach her more about the repentance process and the Atonement more this week. We feel that she has the desire to quit, but does not fully understand the concept that it is a sin.

Love you all very much! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you all in your endeavors/stress :).

-Sister Weaver-

P.S. It's like 75 degrees and I'm wearing no tights! Boo for having to shave your legs!

April 3, 2015 Mission Leadership Council

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