Tuesday, May 12, 2015


May 11, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

I am so happy the Pukahi's were there it was a great surprise! And Cathy and Nani I love you all SOO much!! Thanks for being patient with me as I vented all of my stress and frustrations. Sorry I was being so negative about all my anxiety. I think part of it is my lack of control without a car, not knowing people, all rolled into one big heap of change. Clearly the Lord is preparing me for something here, what it is I have NO idea. But I am on the watch for it.

Who are we to become without our trials, anyway?

WOW! Madison is different from any missionary work I have ever done before. I pray that I may get acclimated soon and that the Lord may grant me grace equal to my day.

Our goals of this transfer consist of the following: FIND, TEACH, BAPTIZE! Finding and setting baptismal dates is something we will really try to focus on as well as continue to teach in member's homes and help with retention. Last night we had a very powerful lesson with the Floyd's, who are very eager to help us with our teaching skills and helping others come unto Christ. The Spirit was so strong and it was our first time teaching a full-on lesson together! Don't mean to toot our own horn, but we have some awesome companion unity! Sister Schlosser is a very gifted teacher and she appreciated how I gave her the opportunity to teach, apparently past companions liked to take over. I am excited to get to teach with her!

We also met with Tim, who has been investigating for ten years and I am eager to help answer his questions and help him to overcome the fears he has with regards to baptism. One of our Less Actives, Emily, who has been struggling with her testimony, had a wonderful missionary experience when she asked us how to send missionaries to her twin sister in Rhode Island. Her sister invited them back for dinner! I'm thankful her testimony is continuing to grow and she sees the miracles of missionary work.

Thank you for the prayers you continue to send up in my behalf and that of my fellow laborers in the vineyard of our Lord!

Love you to the moon, then to Saturn, then to Pluto (is that still a planet?) and back!

-Sister Weaver-

Fare thee well, Sister King!
I knew you well!
Flowers for you Mom...
I couldn't buy you any... :(

MY FAVORITE FAMILY!  Hope everybody had a great Mother's Day!! It was so good to chat with you all even though I was EXHAUSTED! I am so thankful for how wonderful of a family I am blessed with! Love you all and know that you are all in my prayers forever!  Annette and her family are here as we are Skyping Ashley...pretty cool. Austin gave his homecoming talk today. Love you all

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