Tuesday, July 1, 2014

This Last P-Day Was The Most Relaxing...Ever!

June 30, 2014
Sister Silcox's One Year Mark.
Spring and their family bought her a cake!
Dear Family & Friends,

I'm glad you found my charger (I really had no idea where it was, but I'm glad it was there :)

Can Dad check to see how much I have in my savings? I need to know how broke I am as of late. Thank you! ...Not that I've been blowing 70 more bucks on shoes. Really, though I just wanted to make sure :)

Yes! I saw David Archuleta's homecoming picture on LDS.org last week :) I am so happy that he chose to serve.  Friday P-day was the most relaxing p-day I've ever had. Sister Griffin, the new STL who is AMAZING, said we should get pedicures. So we went to a cute spa place near the college and after the 2-hour chair-massage-foot-buffing-design-nail-painting spa treatment I thought we would get charged an arm and a leg but it was only like 25 bucks!! Then we took a long nap :) 
My pedicure :) (gross feet I know)
She showed me how to do parking-lot contact at Walmart and we were able to give away a BOM and pray with one woman who said that she is very impressed with us and urged us to always stay true to what we believe in. I love how excited Sister Griffin is about sharing the gospel and I hope that I will be able to exhibit that same excitement as I continue to invite people to read the BOM.

Yeah, I heard about that sad case of the women's "equal-rights" group who wanted the priesthood. Sister Silcox and I had a discussion about that. Whatever woman does want the authority to become a bishop or a stake president or whatever, does not understand the eternal power that IS the priesthood. God's acts could not have come to pass nor His plan if that WERE the case. Look at Adam and Eve, if she had the priesthood, then what would be her role in the plan?

This week we have been reading with Angela more from the Book of Mormon and asked her how she feels about making baptismal covenants. She responded that she wants to read the whole Book of Mormon in order to know for a certainty that baptism into the Church is the right thing to do.

We had the first discussion with Josh, our new investigator, with Sis. Phillips and he asked many great questions about the church and what he wants to know more about. He is very nice and open to come to church!

Next, we taught the Restoration to Randy, who is going through much hardship with his wife's health and depression right now, regarding the fact her legs have been amputated. He said that she really needs this gospel right now. I think that maybe he wants the gospel more for his wife than for himself. We talked a lot about how the gospel blesses families. His Catholic friend who was over helping him out, Chris, decided to sit in and asked more questions than Randy did. It was miraculous to hear Randy defend our faith and although Chris wasn't too harsh about his questions, Randy seemed to understand the importance of our message. We invited Chris and Randy to read the Book of Mormon and then to do as Moroni directs and pray to know if it is true. Chris said that he does believe that God can answer prayers, so he said he would meet in a couple weeks and tell us what he thought of the book. I really hope that teaching Randy this gospel will open the bridge of trust between us so that we may meet with and eventually teach his wife as well.

We had one final dropping of Dee yesterday. We were going to anyway, but she did first so it all worked out. Sometimes I think I become so frustrated with proving her wrong, it frustrates my missionary purpose a little bit. She expressed her frustration at the fabricated, missionary robot motif that so many of us have...and I don't blame her. In order to be real as missionaries, we have to root ourselves even deeper in the testimonies of Christ and his gospel, not just testimonies of the church's truth. But she must understand that in order to teach by the Spirit, the listener must be also willing to listen. When they do not, then we are truly wasting our time. Towards the end of our meeting, her heart softened a bit and she said that even if she wanted to join the church, she couldn't get past the fact that our church is run by imperfect people (like how Brigham Young was racist & a bunch of other stuff she has "studied" about the Mormons) and that many of us go forward with "blind faith" in them. The fact of the matter is, is that no matter what the prophet's in this dispensation have chosen to do...whether true or not...they did not teach or instruct God's people to accomplish those acts. If they did, then there is no way that God's church would have lasted this long in this dispensation. Look at Moses: he took credit for some of the miracles he performed, and God dealt with him as He saw fit. But Moses did not instruct others to commit his mistakes. Sometimes do, as I say not as I do rings true for even God's anointed. This is all just pure opinion, mind you. I may not know all about the unsaid history of people in the church (whether true or twisted), but I do know without a shadow of a doubt the history of my own testimony of the truth...and that is that the only person I have faith in is Jesus Christ, all else are just appendages. Jesus Christ atoned for the sins of the world and that we ALL will be held accountable for our acts on an individual basis, not as a collective group. I KNOW that God chose Brigham Young as a prophet and that through him; much good and eternal truth was brought to pass concerning the children of God.

Yesterday we taught the Restoration to a Venezuelan woman named Mary, who is SO nice, at the invite of Brother and Sister Cutler. She came over to dinner with all of us and wanted to meet with us and learn more. I am so grateful for members and their efforts to introduce the gospel to their friends. She said that she was very impressed with this gospel and that it is "beautiful!" She agreed to meet with us again in a couple of weeks.

I am grateful for this gospel and the opportunity the Lord has given us to teach so many wonderful people this week.

"...Think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy" (1 Peter 4: 12-13).

Thank you for continuing to urge me onward in the cause of Christ!

Love you to eternity!

-Sister Weaver-
Mother, I have been eating SO much Mexican!
My colon has never been cleaner.
Have you tried Rachata (or some Spanish
version of what I'm trying to say)?
 It's rice water with cinnamon (SO good!)

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