Monday, July 14, 2014

I Am Getting Transferred to Sun Prairie!

July 14, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

Thank you for that quote and message from President Uchtdorf. He is in the words of Dad, a stud. I HIGHLY recommend you ALL read President Holland's talk: Missionary Work and the Atonement. It is sooo amazing!

I'm not sure the iPads are just a rumor or not now because we haven't heard anything else about them...but I'll keep you posted.

Yay! I am so happy you got a job in the school district. It sounds like a great fit for you! And way to invite so many people into the waters of baptism!  I am so happy there are people at home willing to make and keep sacred covenants who are in the care of such good missionaries, set apart and not :)

Unfortunately our transfer email hasn't come yet....wait....we just got it!!!!! Now my computer's frozen!! Now all of our computers are frozen...Now we are gathering around Elder Wise's computer...BAHH!!! I am going to Sun Prairie (where Sister Silcox just came from!!!)! Weird! I hope that Sister Trent is nice...Sister Packer, whom Sister Silcox trained, said that they didn't get along too well :( Oh well! I'm stuck with her so I might as well TRY!
Our Eternal Investigator...Dee
We were able to say another goodbye (since I'm leaving) to Dee yesterday and THIS time we were able to center the core of all of our frustration. We had all prayed about it and received the answer that she needs to step back for a little bit and not invite so many voices at once for a while. I told her that I would always be her friend and that I would be brutally honest with her if ever she did have any questions. She has had a lot happen in her life where authority acted as the hypocrite. I am happy I was able to leave on a good note with her.

This week we had THREE investigators at church (more than I have ever had before)!!  WOOHOO!!!! Josh, Angela, and surprisingly one of our new contacts, Charles, all came and they said that they enjoyed it. I was happy that sacrament talked about the Atonement and that the lessons at church centered around baptism. They were very inspiring and Josh fit right in as many of the men fellowshipped him who said they would beforehand :) Charles took notes during sacrament meeting and Angela stayed for all three meetings.

This week was mainly centered around service, especially for some members both active and less or in-active. We are striving our best to meet the goal of sharing our ward mission vision with every member we come in contact with.

I am happy for the opportunity to move on to a new area, but hope to strive to keep up with the progress of those whom I have come to know and love in Waukesha!

Love you all!

-Sister Weaver-

P.S. Tell Butterscotch I say hi, too!!

P.P.S I have accumulated ALOT of stuff so I sent off two packages that should be arriving shortly :)

Sister Silcox surprised me
with breakfast yesterday :' 
I thought Sissy was so cute! 

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