Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I Got Transferred To Sun Prairie

July 21, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

Thank you for the package!!!! And the treats, they sure do help my blood sugar ALOT! That is so great that a young lady is coming to church. Hope she keeps it up. Yay that Sister Olsen is getting sealed, she deserves it. Craziness with the weather in Rexburg!! Sister Trent, my new comp, is from Idaho Falls so her family told her about it too. That's so cool that everyone is helping out. Go Mormons! As for our favorite cuz: grill him Mom and Da!

Us saying goodbye to everyone
At transfer Point with
Sister Anderson, Sister Weaver,
Sister Silcox and Sister Gonsalves
Me, Elder Hubert, and Elder Kimzey got transferred out. It was quite an adventure traveling here to Sun Prairie: the transit to the first transfer point was pretty epic with Elder Schvaneveldt and Elder Hubert chatting it up. And then we got into a fender-bender on the way to the second, but we were at a roundabout so it was just a graze (thank goodness). The poor woman who was driving was very shaken up, but I told her not to worry and that we were all okay.

Sun Prairie is awesome. It is so farmy compared to the congested streets of Waukesha and the air is so CLEAN I don't know what to do without the smell of weeds contaminating our apartment. Everyone here is so...normal...and...nice? It's weird. But we ran into our drunk neighbor the other night and had a very creepy conversation, so I felt better haha I think I'm starting to understand what Sister Silcox was feeling when she came to Waukesha and said she felt unsafe...How can I feel unsafe with safety? Oh well I'm sure I'll get used to it soon (I hope :)  I've been able to eat (somewhat) at least enough to call it a meal. Today we went to sports with the elders and some of the youth. It was fun, but no one can replace the Waukesha group of crazies :).  The Elders say they miss Sister Packer, who I'm replacing, so I feel loved. 

Me being me
On Sunday, one of their investigators said, in front of the whole class that he likes hanging out with the brothers and looking at the sweet sisters. The elders had a laughing attack so bad they had to leave. OOOOOh yeah, at dinner on Saturday, I bonded with the Clawsons' daughters over Avatar, Dr. Who, and the whole nerdy universe! It was epic.

Me and the coolness of Sister Trent
My new companion Sister Trent is so great! It is scary how well we get along. We have seen every movie, watched every YouTube video, and sang every song that the other has. There's allot to bond over. She has been helping me implement more family history into our finding.

This week I was introduced to many wonderful less actives and recent converts in the ward. I was also able to meet with the legendary Stoll's (eternigators of the faith and of the REFORMED Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...so we have to be cautious with them) on Saturday and learned more about them. The wife said she had been praying and fasting about whether or not what we are teaching is true, and she said that they didn't really fast with real intent. She also said that she still hadn't gotten an answer to her prayer yet and was wondering how/when it would come. I related to her Richard G. Scott's talk about receiving answers to prayers and said that God withholds answers when there is more to be done on OUR part. I testified that in order to receive or recognize answers to prayers, we must search more diligently and delve deeper into the commandments and scripture God has given us to receive those answers. If we have done all we can, then God will surely do the rest in a way that He knows will help us understand the answer He gives us. I also met an amazing less active member named Sandy McFadden. She is a former actress-turned-film producer who worked with Gene Hackman and Michael Landon and was also one of the writers for "Touched By An Angel," so you can imagine how I ate that all up. We showed her the "Courage" Mormon message video and she said that it takes such great courage to come out on missions and that with every hardship or person that turns us down in the work, God is preparing us that much more for the one person who will say yes. She is wonderful!

I am so happy we got to see Kat last night!! Every Sunday we have bible/deep spiritual conversations with her. She is an RM who is like 30 and I met her when she came through Waukesha to take Sis. Silcox to the temple. She takes care of all of the sisters and she is preparing to teach/counsel children at an LDS High School in Mexico, but she has to interview in front of the WHOLE board of Education with President Monson and three members of the first presidency, so she is a bit nervous. And she should be, it's a big deal! But she'll do great, I have no doubt.

We are hoping and praying to find new people to add to our teaching pool. It is pretty bare. We are hoping to do so with the goal in mind that the President has set forth: to baptize one new person in each area of the mission before the October General Conference. Thanks for all of your prayers in our behalf; I can always feel them coming our way when witnessing the many miracles of missionary work.

Love you all so much! Thanks for all you do and your marvelous missionary work at home!

-Sister Weaver-

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