Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A 4th of July Parade On Main Street

July 7, 2014

Mi Familia!

Thank you for the quote, Mother, it is going on the wall. Yes, I will for sure pray for Josh and fast for him! I truly hope that everything goes well with the biopsy. Christopher! our long lost cuz! And in response to that last statement from you...No, it does NOT sound familiar. Haha. Well, I hope that he finds out his feelings for her and that they get married and we have little...what would they be called? Nieces and nephews?
[Sorry I keep asking for stuff, but can you send me 3 or 4 short-sleeved shirts from my dresser...it is getting HOT! maybe my hot pink one with the flowers on it...or whatever matches brown, white, tan, and black skirts? <3 Thank you <3.]

I'm glad you all had a good 4th! On the 4th, we were surprised that Main Street was blocked off and little did we know that there was a cute parade planned so we took the time to try and contact people around there before it started (since there was no doubt that EVERYONE in Waukesha was there). We sat next to a nice woman named Katherine who introduced us to her family and took our cards, but didn't want a Book of Mormon (darn it!). But the parade was a great place to get the church's name out there.
Sister Silcox and I scouting out
people before the parade started
People getting ready for the parade
Waukesha Veterans holding flags
of their branch military
Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty
Oh yeah, on Tuesday, we had a power outage from the wind storm the day before that lasted the whole day and on top of that they shut off the water to our apartment :) We felt like the pioneers! It was cool to live like missionaries in other countries for a little bit where it is just second nature to them.

This may be my last week in Waukesha! I've been here 6 months, so there is a good chance that I will be transferred this next Wednesday. I'm not sure how I feel about it, I love the people here (even those who try and bash sometimes :), but if it's time, then it's time.

Guess what?? Elder Kimzey said that next month we would be getting iPad Mini's. I'm not sure if I'm thrilled or disappointed seeing as how we have to pay out of pocket for them. BAH! $400.00 I believe... They said if we don't have the money, then the general mission fund will help pay for them. Just FYI

This week we were able to get to know more of the members of the church on a missionary-minded level, thanks to Sister Wood's diligence in her new calling as Missionary Dinner Coordinator. When meeting with the Stevensen family, we tracted in their neighborhood and found one of their neighbors, Sue, receptive to the Book of Mormon! We informed them and even though they do not know her too well, Sister Stevensen informed us that she would invite her to church-related things and informs her more about the gospel!
Sister Griffin, Me, Sister Gonzalves,
and Sister Anderson on Exchanges
(It was Sister Anderson's birthday!)
I had fun finger-painting during lunch
Exchanges went great! Being my first time leaving Waukesha in 6 months, it was wonderful to meet new people and enjoy the company of many faithful and progressing YSA's. I learned so much from Sister Griffin about street contacting and have a firm knowledge that enthusiasm is contagious :) I was happy to see the YSA Sister Anderson and I met a while ago, Derek, and how he was still meeting with the missionaries.

We were able to find a lot of faithful people when finding this week. Fasting sure helps us be receptive to the Spirit: yesterday, while contacting a possible investigator (he ended up not being interested :( ), we almost got into our car and who should pass but a young man named Charlie who was interested in what we had to say! We hope will read the Book of Mormon and come to church next week. He believes in a higher being, not necessarily God, but we read with him in Ether 12:4 and he said that he liked it and would study the Book of Mormon further. Then it was my turn to figure out what to do until dinner, so I prayed to know and then while driving, after seeing people sitting outside, I pulled the car around and I was prompted to go down that street. So we said hi and they said they were definitely NOT interested. So, with hope still alive, we headed down the street further and saw another woman sitting on her porch named Sherri (who I nearly scared to death when we approached her door step) who believes that one must have a personal relationship with God. I was impressed to share with her the story of Nephi, a wonderful example of courage that Sister Griffin used a lot when contacting when we went on exchanges, and how he desired that as well. It's funny how the Spirit prompts us to do one thing and, even if we get shut down, if we continue to follow the prompting, we will be led to someone receptive :) I am thankful for the Lord leading His children in His work. He is one boss who loves and helps His employees.

Sadly, Josh didn't come to church yesterday :( But he is still progressing through the Book of Mormon and asks us questions about it from time to time. Angela was not able to come to church either, nor has she been able to meet with us on account of family commitments. We are beginning to feel that she is stringing us along; while she does some of the work we ask of her, we feel that the desire still is not there, in regards to how she can benefit from this gospel. We will keep on trying to ask her inspired questions that can get to the core of how she understands this gospel and what she wants to glean from it.

Love you all! Please let me know if I can do anything for you!

-Sister Weaver-

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