Tuesday, July 7, 2015

We Say Goodbye to Another Dear Apostle

July 6, 2015
Happy Fourth! We spent it mainly in the Mad 4 area.
Dear Momma, Dadda, and the Rest of All You Familyness of Life!

Thanks for the article. Bishop read it to us (in both wards) and it is so cool how whenever there is a major law passed by civil government, the saints immediately turn to the prophet: "What do we do?" It shows great faith.

Yay Donna and Tom! Please give them my best! Crazy about Ashley Alvarez it was like JUST yesterday we were spotting each other at the MTC!

Sisters Weaver, Osmond, Woods
The Lord does answer prayers. Sister Woods and I have been praying to stay diligent in this the last stretch of our missions and lo and behold, right after emails last week, President Cutler informed us of a situation where Sister Osmond (yes, Donny Osmond's niece ha-ha) had to send home her trainee, so we are in a trio for a couple of weeks taking over her area and ours in a trio! (Hence the pic :) We have become EXTREMELY busy with blessings and miracles pouring out upon us and those we teach left and right. Sister Osmond is a VERY hard worker, and has been a blessing to us and those we teach. My arms and legs burn with numbness from the constant work, but the miracles are overflowing. Today for example, a lady stopped us at Walmart: "STOP! Just stop!" We thought she was a crazy JW, but then she said her daughter just converted to Mormonism and gave us all a big hug. She started to tear up as she said that she is a hard core Roman Catholic, but her daughter is about to marry this amazing Mormon boy and gave him a call and took her pic with us to send to her daughter. It was very cute. She reminded me of you, Mom, a bit.

On the 4th of July, we contacted SO many people...I think we have about 35 lessons this week in EACH area and passed out about 25 Book of Mormons total. It is so cool to meet such prepared people. Talking to people has never been my strong suit, but SIster Osmond is RELENTLESS. It's amazing!
The fun Chinese Family, "You are so nice!"
We also met a cute Chinese family who wanted to take their pic with us too ha-ha. A woman parked in front of our church after the pancake social and was crying in her car, so we went up to her and shared a message from the Book of Mormon. I told her to read it while we went inside and got her some food. We came out with SIster Carlson from the ward and she bore strong testimony inviting her to sit with her at church. The woman was going through a lot of family things and Bishop said they have been helping them in the past. It was really cool.

A member had this painting of the
Seattle Temple because they
grew up there.  I thought it was cool!
Latoya, a former who recently contact us to learn once more, is progressing very well. She has come to church every week and Sister Nicole Dimond has been giving her rides and coming to lessons. She wants to be baptized before she moves in August, so we are on our toes trying to teach her all of the lessons again.

Debra met with us and we talked about scripture reading. She wants a blessing for her and Jaden, so she will contact her Home Teacher soon. It's nice to be on good terms with her again.

We met with Lun Cheng at the Delorey's and were able to answer more of his questions regarding the Law of Chastity and the concept of eternal life. The Delorey's talked with him long after we left and said they reviewed the Restoration when he asked about it so we will follow up with him on the next lesson about it.

Sister Cox, She just moved to Mad 4 from Wausau
with her husband (the weatherman) and we got
to see them on the fourth!!! She kept texting...
is Sister Weaver really with you?  When are you
coming over??  I felt so loved...And they are
expecting a baby!!! BAH!!!
We were so privileged to meet many people in the Madison 4th Ward area and have high hopes for their part-member family investigator Brother Brown, who has committed to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true. We found so many potential families as well. People are very open and eager to read and learn if we are open and eager to share.

Thanks for all you do! Keep up the great work on your side of the country and I'll continue to do it on mine!

Love you all!

-Sister Weaver-

We did nails at the nursing home in Mad 4.
We went on exchanges (my last one!)
It was so weird with a trio, so they
just spent the night...5 sisters and one
bathroom...one can only imagine ha-ha.
(Awkward I'm hugging it since it belonged
to the Sun Prairie Elders before...)
Milked cows!
(Mission Bucket-List, CHECK)
The farm we went to had a fox.
A Fox!!!
What does the fox really say?
He didn't say much, but had SHARP claws.
I won't tell you how I found that out.

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