Monday, July 20, 2015

Mad 4 District Meeting
July 20, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

WOW. That's a lot of love, dear mother Haha yeah I was the STL of Sister Cook who was two months older than me...WHAT NOW! And I think there's someone else, but I don't remember their name.

We had interviews with Prez and it turns out...WE ARE STILL TOGETHER FOR THE NEXT WEEK AND A 1/2!!! You know what that means...CAR STILL!!!!! Which has been great because the weather has been 100 degrees plus humidity the past couple days. Luckily today was better, but the Lord is so merciful!

Yay Brittany! I'm glad you saw her and can't wait to catch up with her! I just scheduled with President to have my departing interview on Sunday to discuss goals and I just KNOW that will talk to me about my plans for marriage...I should probably start making some in that department. Ugh. I just want to finish my mission focused! I'll also be speaking with the other two trio-mates in sacrament meeting so at least I'll have that focus :) YAY! Nothing like 2 talks to prepare for! It will be EPIC! Speaking of Epic, we totally have to visit Epic when you come...It's a place that EVERYONE in the ward and their brother works at and to be honest, I don't really know the point of it, but it is a geek's paradise! I would know...Each building has a theme like Indiana Jones or Star Wars and they have this huge slide people take to get to their meetings. It is tight! One of the Part member families in Mad 4 Ward took us on a tour of just a tiny corner of one of the buildings. Being me, I wanted to see the Lord of the Rings building and lo and behold, what do my wondering eyes should appear but...
One of the theaters at Epic...
it was modeled after the conference
center in SLC!!!
I met Gollum and offered him discussions...
he wan't interested.
At Epic...I've decided to continue my schooling at
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry...
Dr. Who Police Call Box
I could have died out of sheer amazement.

Sadly, Lun Cheng sort of dropped us :( He is just getting frustrated and needs some time. He also doesn't like how our church claims to be the only true one. We think he might have been reading some anti.

Sunday was a day I will never forget! I knew it always gets darkest before the dawn, but I didn't know how bright the dawn could be! After visiting the Keyes family (whose father is not a member and the Gabriel the mother and her 5 boys are less active), she came to church!! She followed us because she wasn't sure where it was and sadly her husband couldn't go this time, but it was such a wonderful experience to see them stay for all three meetings. She knew Ishmael already, so it was so cool to see him be that good example and bless the sacrament. Sister Thurston fellowshipped her for the rest of church and the boys went to primary. We are meeting with the whole family later this week for a lesson!

It was funny, we didn't schedule lunch, because we just had too much stuff we needed to get done and we were like: THE LORD WILL PROVIDE! And lo and behold he did after sacrament Sister Feriante gave us a giant bowl of Welsh cakes and some other members fed us pizza...all unaware of our lack of lunch. The Lord truly does watch over His missionaries!
English Custard at Sister Feriante's!
Tim finally came to church as well!! Debra Hawkes and her family, Coley, Latoya, and Sarah also came! It was exciting to see so many people embrace the gospel and partake of the sacrament!

After showing this cool DVD of converts-turned-missionaries that the ZL's wanted us to show to members to a couple families in the ward, it was amazing to see how many names and revelation about missionary work came to their minds. I love the impact it is making on members. We've been thinking of bringing up our ward doing a "Visitor Sunday" like the 4th ward.

Also, I am worried about how best to help Sister Woods transition into buses, seeing as we have been so busy using a car and I think she is worried about it too. We were thinking of doing a dry run of all of the main places, but were wondering if you had any other advice?

Thanks for everything and always having confidence in me performing my duty of fulfilling what the Lord needs me to do, especially when my confidence seems to lack. I love you all more than I love geeking out over Doctor Who!

-Sister Weaver-
We didn't have cucumbers.
This is a cleansing mask, not my skin.
But I knew you would get a kick out
of it, Mom.  It was like peeling glue only better!
Eating a goose claw at a cool Chinese family's
house in Mad 4.  I think the webbing between the
toes was the best part :)  It got stuck in my teeth
so it was quite sufficient using the talons for toothpicks.

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