Monday, July 27, 2015

The Time Is Far Spent, There Is Little Remaining!

The 3 Amigos!
Sister Woods, Osmond, & Weaver
July 26, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

What time are you flying in? President Cutler said you can arrive at 1:30 when I arrive at the mission home on Wednesday and I can pal around with you all to Waukesha before dinner at 6:30. Sadly, you won't be able to join the 20+ missionaries going home for dinner, but you can be back by 7:30 for testimony meeting all the missionaries will be participating in. What do you think? You can hash out the details via text with President Cutler, or I can just have a member call you...
"So, you Shawano hear the gospel?

Yeah I was pretty stressed out during final interviews about marriage and all that jazz, but President gave me some great counsel about that and future job opportunities and education. I also asked for a blessing from him, so all is well :) Just so you know, I am expected to keep the mission rules the whole time until I get home...SO no TV, worldly music, swimming, have to be within sight and sound of my companion (which won't be too much of a problem Mommy :), morning studies, etc. Just to prep ya!

Also...RIDICULOUS miracles happening this transfer: ALL my companions left in the field are training and 22 new missionaries, their eyes and spirits brightly shining, and entering the mission. I get to ride down with Sister Woods and Sister Osmond to Milwaukee because they are both training!! And I know they will do so epically!!
Studies this morning.

So...I may shed a tear or two, but you may already know that upon seeing your wonderful (and possibly tanner) faces as well. I perfectly understand sissy's position upon seeing me, for as EVERYONE knows, I know how debilitating stress can be.

In response to the musical number inquiry, how about "Homeward Bound?" Bro would love that too!!

This past year and a half has been so rewarding! This week has too! Latoya came to church and is continuing to progress, although she needs her baptismal date reset. We were FINALLY able to meet with Rachel Corrales! She was very thankful for our visit, hopefully the sisters can continue to see her on a regular basis. We met with Coley at Sister Allred's and it was very powerful to hear Sister and Brother Allred bear their testimony. I know it helped Coley strengthen hers. Shay wants to come with the sisters after showing her the "How Great Shall Be Your Joy" DVD and Roben our less active brought her landlady and friend with her to our lesson out of the blue! She wants to learn more :)
Nice lady who bought
us sodas at Culver's.
Our District

So many members are benefiting from the DVD and working with people! It will be great to follow up on all those people that have come to their minds. It has been great encouraging them!

Thanks for the quote, that is the one that has been hanging on my wall the last 18 months!! (But really, it has...)

See you later! (...But not too much!!!) 
Love you more than I love that I will see you soon (still pretty close!)

-Sister Weaver-

P.S. Yes, I still have the GPS you all gave me.

Sister EPIC RM in the Ward :)

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