Monday, July 13, 2015


July 13, 2015

HELLO My Hard-Working Amigos & Friends,

Brittany??? Pahaha Sure didn't waste any time. They will have epically cute children :) Can't wait to see her again! And I totally cannot wait to see all y'all and the beautiful campus of BYU-I once more: for it was the best of times, it was the worst of times :) Thank you for that quote, too...It is precisely what we all need! I wish I could print it...

Trying to be a cellist…also! 
My last Zone Training Meeting :( 
We decided the night before to 
do a musical number with the Cello...
I think it turned out pretty well. 
We just went for it :D
SO MANY MIRACLES! New ways of finding are popping up all over and so many people are willing to listen! We are going to try harder on following up this week, but guess what we discovered...?? Cello Contacting!!! Sister Woods has special permission to rent a cello on her mission and we found so many people we would have NOT found without it. We naturally went to the park and let her do her thing while Sister O and I talked to people who came up to us. We met a CELLO MAJOR, who played us a song, and a non-Christian who, because she loved the music, had her heart soften up enough to pray with us. Then we saw a man sitting by himself listening to the cello music at another park, so I went over and asked how he was doing, he said he'd been better. It turned out he was living in his car and the night before he had a dream about music playing so he felt he should stay and listen while he figured out what to do. We invited him over and taught the Restoration and invited him to church. He even sang with us ha-ha.

"Next time on 'The Trio'..."
We took Sister O contacting on the buses, which she really wanted to do and she did very well! Even when a crazy local Catholic black guy who was trying to force his gay-rights agenda on us verbally harassed her, we stayed pretty cool until he followed us off the bus and started lacing profanities about how men don't treat women right and how we should find men to treat us right and then I averted my gaze and was like "Yeah okay you have a good day sir." He left before I called Sister Thurston to come and save us and we ran for Walgreens...YAY South Transfer Point! I have to write Sister King about THAT one ha-ha, it was my fault for getting on the wrong bus, but in essence I think it was the right one. I sat by a girl who was Buddhist or something who actually was moving to Portland and after the coo-coo man started embarrassing himself, she said: "You know, people have very negative perceptions about Mormons, but after seeing who you really are today, mine has changed for sure." So, if anything, at least we could be examples of Christ for those silent and uncomfortable observers on the bus rather than the annoying hard-hearts who we are trying to bear testimony to :)

Don't worry...the Lord protects His missionaries :) That I have for SURE gained a testimony of on buses. But the car has been epic, not going to lie. I am sad to see it go within the next couple of days, but together our trio has taught 85 lessons to newbie’s this week and handed out 21 BOM's! Our District Leader was like "How??" We just said we don't know but we may need to be hospitalized once the transfer ends :) I actually had a dream recently that when you came to get me I was in a wheelchair because my body was so tired, so don't be surprised if it comes true ha-ha. The Lord does His work. We can't afford to let anyone pass by.

Latoya is doing very well! Some concern came from her fellow-shipper who had fellowshipped her when the sisters worked with her in the past, about her taking advantage of the missionaries and not being too genuine, but after class on Sunday, she said that her discussion was more genuine than she had ever seen in her before. We hope to reset her baptismal date for August 1 so we can teach her all the lessons before she moves.

Lun Cheng, Latoya, Nichole and a woman we met (stopped jogging actually) Saturday night named Clara all came to church in Sunday! It was a very powerful meeting as the Bishop talked about the importance of the Sacrament. She said she enjoyed it very much and wants to get back in touch with us after her trip. Lun Cheng is still having issues believing the church is Christ's only church in its fullness, so we committed him to read from the New Testament as well.

Sadly, Emily, a slowly returning less active, lost her baby, so a lot of hardship concerning her faith in God is being monumentally tested again. This is her 5th miscarriage and she does not want missionary visits for a while. We are struggling as to how we can help her, but will try to keep in touch from a distance. 

Another less active Deserae invited us over for dinner and accepted member lessons!

What A Week!
The Lord was merciful to me this week in more ways than I could have dreamed. We went to a game night at the 4th ward and I was EXHAUSTED. After we finished giving a church tour to some guests there, I suddenly felt my energy re-vitalize as I ran into 3 young men from the Sun Prairie Ward!!! Then Brother Davis and Brother Allen who helped fellowship Eric greeted me. They were all on an YM retreat, but I was so happy to catch-up with people and ask how the ward was. Their smiles and friendly greetings were like the Lord was saying: "You're doing great Sister Weaver! Keep going and making a difference in these people's lives!"

Thanks for all the updates and I love you all more than I love having a car!!!

-Sister Weaver-

Me saying adios to Sister Kunz! I was her STL in Wausau!

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