Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We Do Need To Clear Our Vision And Remember Our True Path

November 10, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

I love that pic too! How true I'm sure it is! I'm glad you were able to hear such inspired words from Stake Conference; we DO need to clear our vision and remember our true path. I love what Elder Holland said in his talk "Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence," "If it was right when you prayed about it and trusted it and lived for it, it is right now. Don’t give up when the pressure mounts." We need to always remember the good things that we have already received as truth, when we come down from our spiritual highs and enter the perils of the world, yet again. I HIGHLY encourage you to read that talk, it is one of my favorites that I always go to when discouraged.

For sure I will most definitely cut up my old card once I get the new one. The weather HAS been pretty cold here, too. It is ridiculous how fast the temperature drops, but I am most happy that the weather turned out better today where the sunshine is concerned  (sorry, that is the closest thing I could find to a sun :)

I have discovered how horrible I am at initial contacting, so this week Sister Rousseau has been helping me overcome my fears of talking to EVERYONE I see. So far, I am seeing the fruits of that endeavor :D. Earlier in the week we flagged down a man who was getting into his car and I was so impressed that Sister Rousseau did so, because he expressed how grateful he was that we stopped him, because he was on his way to do something he knew he was not supposed to. It goes to show that you never know WHAT people are going through...I thought we missed our moment and it was awkward and forward and creepy knocking on someone's window before they pull out, but after our experience, I am grateful we did, because I know that he needed it...and he did too.

After Zone Conference we found a man named Earl, who we have an appointment with tonight, through using the Book of Mormon Map Challenge that your wife encouraged us to use. He has a lot of questions and so does his roommate, but he said he would be baptized if he knew the doctrine was true!

It truly is a tender mercy that so many people are letting us into their homes. We met a retired Methodist minister named Gloria, who knew the sisters before and let us in to share with her more about the Plan of Salvation. We knocked on our former-investigator Patti's door and were thrilled when she invited us in for pizza. She was having a sign-making party for her run the next day and Sister Edgar was there! It was meant to be! We helped her out and met her friend Lisa, who we met street-contacting once but now is much more open to us coming to visit.

We saw Latrina as well! We were finally invited into her home and she and her daughter are very interested in Personal Progress, so we showed her how to access it online and also helped her download the BOM onto her phone. She expressed how excited she was to have us back, despite her having to cancel appointments so often.

Sadly, neither Claire nor Dominique came to church on Sunday :( despite their commitments to do so. However, Claire came to the Music Night we sang at last night and brought her sister! I was so happy to see Bill Stoll there as well! He has been asking more questions about temple ordinances and sealing’s.

Haha we wrapped the Elders into singing with it and us all eventually turned out...the poor dears. But the Spirit was there and I am happy we did it.

You are so wonderful; Momma and you continue to be every single day. I love you ALL so very much and hope and pray that everything will work out for your good!

With All the Love that My Heart Can Muster,

-Sister Weaver-

Our Zone Conference Sisters!
It was so funny;
each one of us had a camera
we needed to take a pic with
so all the Elders in the Zone
lined up and took a pic each
...it was hilarious.
Me holding a baby-like dog
at one of our Spanish
investigator's house, Martha

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