Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2014


Whew! We are SO busy and President has given us a few new surveys to do with pray that we will be able to get everything done. He is an inspired man of God and I know that it is possible what he requests of us. I feel like the man who came to Jesus with his crippled son: "Help Thou mine unbelief."

Any who, don't worry, we are getting fed by like three different families in the ward so, there is no doubt that we won't have anywhere to be on Thanksgiving. Thank you for all of your prayers and thanksgiving for this work, it is truly all of us members that help the work move forth, whether through prayer, their own efforts, or both!

Yes, I am still the driver even in the snow. And nope, I'm staying for another transfer! Woohoo!

This Sunday our investigator Toywania and her daughter Dalmanisha, Eric, and a young adult Chris, who we just set a baptismal date with on Saturday, all came to church. The members have been so wonderful in fellowshipping them into the fold! We were also able to meet with Chris in the Williams' home for the Plan of Salvation lesson. So far, he is progressing well, but we hope to ask more inspired questions to see where he really is in his understanding of doctrine.

We have been able to see more of Latrina and her family lately as well. She is SO busy, she is so happy when we come over and give her a break from everything she has to do. She asked us to also meet with her daughter Adriane (21) and Adrina (13), and share more of the gospel with them as well. We helped Adriane with cleaning her room and then taught her and Adrina the first half of the Restoration, which they grasped REALLY well! We also taught them more about Personal Progress and their divine role as daughters of God.

We were also able to visit Rena, the older woman with cancer who had a baptismal date a while back, and she was up and moving very well, so she is doing better :)

Sadly, we found out that one of our investigators has a stealing addiction. We conveyed the importance of Civil Law and the concept of agency and how there is consequences to every action in obedience to and/or disobedience to God's law. We promised her that obeying the law will grant her more freedom, while not obeying will limit it :(

Thank you for reminding me of my Patriarchal Blessing...I am grateful for the protection God gives me. When we went to Sister Gunderson's house for dinner last night, she related how grateful she is for the missionary program and how she can come out with us to meet more of His children. She said she is amazed how the Lord protects us in all types of situations or places where it seems that God is far away...I love her and her diligence in helping the work roll forth!

Love you all! (Sorry I don't have much time this time!)

-Sister Weaver-

Last District Meeting
before transfers
(it was a sad day, can't you tell?)
Diane, one of our investigators
who let us do laundry at her house
Me and our teddy bear Alma,
who we gave to Dalmanisha
(who came to church!!)

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