Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Oh Family! You Are Such A Strength To Me!

June 9, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

Oh family! You are such strength to me. I'm not going to mince words about how a mission is HARD, but with each passing day, we try to manipulate our weaknesses into strengths through recognition and then application. It's all we can do. We can complain, and moan, and murmur about how life stinks and people will never change, and how the MTC didn't prepare us for the dramas of people still living in a high-school mindset, but all-in-all, if we don't act on the truths we have learned, and apply them ourselves, before we even think about inviting others to do what we are preaching, all of the work we have covenanted to do is set at naught.

I don't know if you saw on the news about the two 12 year-old girls who assisted in the premeditated attempted murder of their friend, but it happened last Saturday and many in the ward are discouraged...because one of the girls' family is in our ward. I never met her, because she is sort of inactive seeing as how her mom isn't a member, but a couple of the girls in our ward know her. Brother Tateoka is their home teacher and he told us...before we even knew...not to stop by their home if we had been visiting them. He then told us at YW that if anyone questioned us about anything, to keep it on the DL, since we in reality didn't know the basics, just that it all tied back to an online gothic "game" of sorts where they were doing it in honor of one of the characters in some horror story someone had written. The girl who was stabbed 19 times is okay, but in the hospital still. They left her in the woods and she crawled to a bike path where a biker found her. The sad part is that they admitted it and because it was premeditated they will be tried as adults.

Satan is truly targeting children younger and younger, because it is this generation that has to be the strongest. We have been teaching the importance of instilling the values of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the upbringing of our children in recent lessons we have been teaching, including the importance of family prayer as an invite. I agree with Brother Tateoka that the two things that the news will most target and glean from this tragedy is the website and the dangers of children accessing the Internet unsupervised and the age of the girls.

Please keep all families involved in your prayers.

That is so weird!!! YOU HAVE A DEE TOO!! ...She was the one that made me cry, sort of. She is an "eternal investigator" too and keeps learning things from outside sources about the history of the church and deep doctrine and everything EXCEPT the core truth that the gospel provides!! She doesn't want to keep the cycle of missionaries going either because she doesn't want to get attached so she's in a limbo right now where we are trying to limit seeing her because she doesn't want us to proselyte at her. Which kind of defeats our purpose, but she still wants us to help out with stuff, which we do want to do still. She wants us to help prep her patio this week for a housewarming party and said she would invite us, but only if we could remove our badges, because some of her religious friends would be there...BAHHHH!!! To remove our tag is to remove God. Anyway, sorry, it just ticks me off sometimes when people's soil (I am using my parable) is so hard and stony that no seed can take root, even when they have received certain things pertaining to the gospel to be true. This is a gospel of complete authority, and whatever you received as truth in the beginning, is just as true now as it was then. All that you have to do is hold on to it and remain true to it.

I think my parable went ok...I hope it did. Even if it didn't, I had fun doing it :)

Just dip a chip in THAT cheese pahaha


Your Dear Missionary, Sista Weava

P.S. Our district decided to go mini-golfing today instead of sports. Here's a pic.
Elders: Larsen, Kimzey, Wise and Hubert

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