Friday, June 20, 2014

I'm Happy The Daddio Had A Good Father's Day!

June 16, 2014

Dear Familia of Mine!

I'm happy that Daddio had a good Father's Day and that you were able to go to good ol' Warshington. I know how you all feel about leaving somewhere and then going back to where you used to live. Many missionaries, whose time is up here, feel like they are LEAVING home. I'm sure I will as well. You grow to love the people you visit and see mature spiritually...even some of them ARE cracked off their rockers or hopped up on goofballs. I hear fun stories from Elder Larsen about crazy Eugene, OR...since he goes to school at U of O (or whichever one is in Eugene). I find it amusing that we haven't even been to Granola Ville yet, us Oregonians :)

The G's are working out, thank you ever so much for getting them to me. The clothes and junk that I sent you I thought Allison might like (I got them at a free rummage) because I can't wear some of them with my g's. But if not, I guess you can just donate them. The tin was for Nani if she wanted it...Normal Rockwell! And whatever else, I guess you can stick in my cluttered room. All was a ploy to get rid of some of my stuff I didn't wear and don't want stuffed in my suitcase. Thank you for all that you do to help me out here :)

We were challenged to give out a Book of Mormon a day at Zone Conference and so far, we have been doing pretty well. The Book of Mormon is the key for inviting people to come unto Christ. When you think about it, the BOM is our missionary purpose!

This week when we visited Angela, we helped her focus on receiving answers to her prayers in relation to reading and PONDERING the Book of Mormon. We also focused on how prayer strengthens our relationship with our Father in Heaven. She told us that she knows that she needs to be patient and ponder more frequently after she reads. But she has been praying before reading!

We met a lovely little 9-year-old girl named Emily while tracting, and her mother Kari, who is also SO nice, said that she has college work to study, but she said that since Emily is interested we are more than welcome to teach her!

We have seen miracles being wrought with our less-actives we have been seeing as well. This week, after helping Spring Gaffke and her girls clean her backyard, we read from the Book of Mormon and they asked inspired questions about the book and how they can better understand what is going on. I am so grateful for the illustrated Book of Mormon to help keep things in perspective for the recent converts of our Ward. When we visited Candy and her boys, we were able to read the Book of Mormon with them too, and were so happy that Joey read with us, who is not yet a member, and Tyler, her other son read with us and said that he liked how Alma instructed his son not to boast of himself, but in the Lord. It is so sad that her son, Kody, who just turned 18 and was the one who baptized Spring and her family, is losing faith. He came home yesterday not wanting to read with us and I'm pretty sure that he was high :( I don't know what more we can do for him or many of the others who are falling. Sometimes I feel so helpless; I'm not a counselor (although many people think we are) but where does the line draw between preaching the gospel and trying to help people with personal issues?

Our Mission Prez is strict when it comes to media, attitude, and boundaries, but he is a little more lax on music...hallelujah! Luckily Elder Wise loves the same Christian music I do, so I have been able to listen to my favorite artists from our Christian radio station back home :) My Companion is hysterical. She thinks so deeply about things, my mind feels like its imploding (in a good way) during studies. She and I have so much spazziness in common it's a wonder we ever get anything done. But our unity is so strong when we teach and whenever we recognize how we can improve our teaching techniques. I love her so much and she counts me one of her besties :) She always acknowledges my strengths and I am truly grateful for her. I am working on letting her know how grateful I am, but you know me and how well I express that :P

Yes, it is sad how much people are trying to twist gospel truths to fit their own desires and circumstance. Someone at St. Vinny's (where we volunteer) said that she saw someone from our church on the news. Great, it was probably bad. She said that some woman is threatened with excommunication because of her trying to get women to have the priesthood. Don't know if you heard about that, but I guess it made national news :(

Today, my comp and I were talking about how it may have been a little hard for Heavenly Father to oppose a plan where it was guaranteed that all of His children would return to live with Him again...but at what cost? I think the fact that Heavenly Father wanted us to be free to choose Him and work out our own salvation by coming unto His Only Begotten shows just how true and selfless He is and how much He does love His children...It is sad hearing how many people see God as brutal in the Old Testament, and how He changes to a merciful God in the New. The fact of the matter is that it is not God who changes, but man. God did not close the heavens during the did, and now it seems that many are following that same pattern in this day and age. All we can do is hold steadfast to the truth that we DO know, and let God take care of the rest. He has fought our battles for us; we just have to trust Him. We can do it, the words of Roku from Avatar, we have done it before :)

ALSO: I won't be able to email next Monday because Sister Silcox is going to the temple, and since I have already gone, we are going on exchanges and I am going to have my P-day on Thursday. I may or may not be able to write since I will be in another area for a day, but I will try so you can always check just incase :)

I love you all more than you can possibly comprehend!

Sister Weaver :)

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