Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wednesday Was Hilarious (in a rather depressing and murmuring way)

May 5, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

So, how awesome is it that you all were able to go to the Women's Conference this past week!! I love the pics and will treasure them always! And Cathy and Aunt Sandi, what's up with your faces :) jk I hope that I will be able to read or hear Garrett's mommy's talk/lesson some time. I'm sure it was phenomenal.

MOTHER'S DAY: We will be at Sister Darla Phillips' house for the call (Her son is on a mission too :) We can call with Skype. THANKS oodles! I totally can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday was hilarious (in a rather depressing and murmuring way). EVERY single one of our appointments fell through...as did our backups so we were struggling trying to find people in the dead of the night. (Since we still had a couple of hours before curfew). We spent about an hour at the library watching Momonchannel.org videos since we had it with everyone and needed some humbling, so I was able to watch some of the new Bible video’s for the first time and let me just say that they WERE humbling... It's interesting to see all of the new movies coming out in theaters pertaining to God (aka. Son of God, Heaven is Real, God is Not Dead, etc.). Maybe people are starting to see what we are missing; I guess...Anyway so we left to try someone else and Sis. Silcox realized she lost her planner (which is a missionary's LIFELINE!) so we headed back to the library, couldn't find it, ended up asking the lady at the front desk, still couldn't find it. Defeated, we went to the bathroom and lo and behold, the lady from the front desk finds us in there and gives us Sis. Silcox's planner! How she knew we were in there I do not know, but Sis. Silcox later told me: "I realized I hadn't prayed! So I did and not a second afterward she came in..."

It's the tender mercies like these that make me remember how God makes our missions in life worth all of our efforts :) In order to recognize the good in our lives the way that God wants us to, we have to go through all of the sludge and drudgery of sorrow. Yay, Law of Opposition! :) It's funny how we preach these things to people, but until we experience it for ourselves, we never will really know the extent of what we are preaching.

It's interesting what we read can change our lives or our outlook on them in the bigger picture of things:

"Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? As it is written, for thy sake we are killed all the daylong; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us" (Romans 8: 35-38).

It is interesting to think that we are killed all the day long for the cause of Christ, and through it all we are able to overcome through He whose cause we are fighting for. If He loved us and continues to love us as much as He did, how much more have need of we to let the world know of it a that through Him they can conquer all things. Shall we not go on in so great a cause? It is the only cause worth fighting for.

Luckily we devoted a lot of time to finding this week seeing as how almost none of our investigators are progressing. We found and taught one woman, Angela, who had a lot of interesting questions about what we believe. We read with her from the Book of Mormon when Christ comes to the Americas and she is very interested in learning more about the Atonement and family, since she has a young son and she is still willing to meet with us! We found another investigator tracting, Anthony, who we have, a return appointment with next week.

Willy came to church yesterday! The Loutensocks took him and we are hoping to talk with him more about his experience this week. Before that, we had a very powerful lesson about baptism. He is receiving everything we are teaching him really well, he reads from the Bible every day and we are reading the Book of Mormon with him. I hope that he continues to progress.

The R.S. Fireside on Friday was amazing! I was able to meet and talk with Sis. Gardner's friend who is a nonmember and interested in the gospel and after talking with her she said will hopefully (slowly but surely) be open to discussions. Spring and Candy also came and really enjoyed what the Temple President had to say!

Surprisingly enough, we stopped by Dee's and had a really good discussion with her about the Atonement and testimony. Hopefully she will be coming to the barbecue Bro. Tateoka arranged for our investigators/less actives we are teaching. She said she was open to it. Talking to people like her, who has issues with Joseph Smith and the Apocrypha based off of outside research she has done regarding it, reaffirms my own testimony. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. And because I know the Book of Mormon is true, I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, and because I know Joseph Smith was a true prophet, I know that God truly did restore the gospel of Jesus Christ in its fullness to the earth. No single mortal man could make up the words printed without divine inspiration; everything, the doctrine contained, corresponds far too perfectly with the gospel of Jesus Christ for a single, unlearned man to make up. Either it is, by some impossible happen-stance, the greatest lie ever told (one that the liar and his brother perished fighting for to the very end), or it is, in truth, the Word of God. You be the judge.

Guess what??? Sis. Black, whose son is on a mish right now, offered to give us a massage today!! Can I just say that that is the tenderest mercy of the week right there? Mom, you would be so proud of me and my especially heavy suitcase-bag I lug around with me EVERYWHERE. It makes me feel close to you :)

Love you all bunches and I absolutely can't wait to see everyone!!!!

This was on a member's door.
I thought you'd like it :D
-Sister Weaver-

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