Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Remembering Memorial Day!

May 21, 2014 Zone Conference

Sisters Weaver & Silcox
May 27, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

Sorry I couldn't write yesterday, seeing as how it was Memorial Day, so we were put to work :) It's okay though, because we were invited to two BBQ's and I ate so much watermelon, I'm surprised I didn't get the squirts.

I thought a lot of Grandpa too yesterday and all the work he is doing on the other side. Can you imagine how frustrating it must be for the missionaries on the other side of the veil? They are preaching and helping others become converted to Christ, but they have to just stop there and wait for us idle mortals to do the ordinances they need. And I was complaining about having to be patient! We have been striving to further teach the importance of family history work in the field and I can see why.

Ha ha Allison cracks me up! I am so happy that she is seizing missionary opps here and there...sometimes those are the most effective. Yeah actually we just had Zone Conference this week and I got to see Sis. A and Elder Schvanny and a whole bunch of missionaries I haven't seen in foreva! We were trained on the gathering of Israel and then the departing missionaries gave farewell talks :( They said that they did not want to leave and I don't blame them. A man named Anthony who was just recently converted came and bore his testimony, since one of the missionaries departing had taught him and it was so powerful I (almost) cried.

It has been HOOOT!! 90ish yesterday. Humid too, ugh. But we have an air-conditioned car, which I am eternally thankful for. We helped a less-active Sis. Figge weed her garden and I am so happy that she is so open to us now. Service softens hearts! We then went to ANOTHER BBQ at Bishop Sefcik's house (which is borderline Count of Monte Cristo). We planned a lesson but there were so many people, it didn't happen. We engaged in an epic ping-pong battle and I could not have stunk more, as usual. I would be worried if by some miracle I WAS good at extra curricular :P I then thought I would show off my skills in their basketball court, but then after accidentally pummeling a child in the face with a volleyball, I thought I had better stick with Catch Phrase.

Amidst such opposition comes such wonderful triumph! This week I was disappointed when we couldn't dedicate as much time to finding as we could have, due to me having the flu, but I know without a doubt that the people we did meet with were prepared by God to receive the message the Holy Ghost had to deliver!

Can I just say that our District is the best ever? Always serving. When I was stuck in bed with a fever, they graced me with pop-sickles and kept checking up till I got better. Then poor Elder Wise got sick, so we took care of him too. So don't worry mommy, there is a mission-family watching out for one another here, too :)

I was so happy to meet with Renee, a new investigator we found tracting after we tried to place a Book of Mormon after Zone Conference. Sister Hansen and I taught her the Restoration and when we asked how she felt about what we talked about, she said, "Excited! This just makes sense." She said she would continue reading from the Book of Mormon until our next visit.

On Friday, we learned that one of our less actives Gao, who has been living with her boyfriend Je'sus, had made up her mind that what she was doing was wrong and that she was planning to move out. But, as surprise would have it, he proposed to her! He said that he knows that her faith is very important to her, just as his faith in Jesus Christ is important to him, and he would never want to do anything that would stand in the way of her faith. And so, Gao challenged him to go to church with her for 6 months and on Sunday...they both came! It was the first time I had ever seen Gao go to all three meetings.

I think I got a taste of the joy that awaits us in the eternities when the Lord revealed His Spirit to our congregation on Sunday. During Sacrament meeting, we heard three powerful talks on the Priesthood, and I am so happy that Je'sus and Angela were both there to hear it; we had JUST taught Angela about receiving a testimony about the Restoration and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. In Gospel Principles, our ward mission leader Bro. Tateoka taught about baptism! He even opened the font and invited Je'sus and Angela to come and see it and ask questions. It was completely inspired! I could not stop my smile from spreading.

I truly do hope that Angela receives a testimony of the prophet and this gospel so that she too can make those covenants and experience the joy awaiting her and her family!

Thank you for all you do in furthering this work and for helping me to stay strong and positive! 

Love you!

-Sister Weaver-

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