Thursday, June 18, 2015

That Is AMAZING Our Ward Is So Missionary Minded!

June 16, 1015

Haha, I HOPE you love me more than all those nasty things combined!

That is AMAZING our ward is so missionary-minded. I can't wait to get involved once home again and help in any way I can to join in the effort to find people for the missionaries to teach. Hope you have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY come Wednesday...How perfect for transfers!

Me with Sister Osmond
and her trainee
(yes this Sister Osmond is
Donny Osmond's niece)
Yeah this week was somewhat better...until the transfer text came...It turns out that Sister Schlosser is leaving and I'm having a new companion my last transfer. It would be all right, except I have lost a lot of weight due to appetite-lost-edness from stressing about stressing to the point of not eating (go figure), and I truly hope and pray that the Lord will help me get my stress in check enough to fulfill the work that He needs me to this my last time in the field of the harvest. With another wonderful missionary whom He has appointed. I am hoping I don't have to call the nurse again like last time, but if I don't have enough nourishment...I don't know what else can be done. Thank you for your prayers, they help

Thank you also for the quote from President Worthen! Covenants are
ESPECIALLY conditional on our part!

Me pretending to be
one of the moms-to-be in our ward
Nothing too exciting going on in the ward, except for EVERYONE is having babies, it's insane! They are all so cute though and loud. Oh yeah, in Relief Society yesterday, there was an almost-cat-fight over the topic of sustaining modern-day prophets. I just had to laugh; I love our ward :) SO different haha.

This week after our meeting with Lun Cheng, and finding out that he already has a testimony of Christ ("Without Jesus, everything would not make sense...") we went out to the buses and as luck would have it, we ran into a former-atheist, now-baptized LDS student from China in the YSA Ward named Xi Lu (who we have been trying to contact FOREVER!) I have a feeling he will be VERY instrumental in helping fellowship Lun Cheng.

We also met with Julia and had to drop her date for now because she will be out of town with her family for the next two weeks, but really wants to re-set it! It was a very powerful lesson about "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" (it being one of the revelations she has trouble accepting regarding "women's roles"), but after explaining it more fully and relating it to her role as a daughter of God, she felt better about it.

One of our less-actives, Linda, invited us to her wedding!!! She and Paul, a non-member, had been living together but were both finally married by the bishop in the church. Afterward, we met a lot of Paul's family, who were interested in learning more, he asked us when we were coming over again! Yay! I truly hope that we can help this family prepare to make covenants that will eventually lead them through the temple.

Sorry this is ridiculously short :( There is so much we need to do today to get prepped for Wednesday...You remain forever in my prayers! Bah! Only 6 emails left!!!

Love you more than I love eating with an appetite!

-Sister Weaver-

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