Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Put It All In The Lord's Hands

June 8, 2015

Thank you Dear Momasita, Family and Friends!

My advice to you dear Mother, is to put it all in the Lord's hands and know that no matter whom He chooses He will qualify for His work. The Lord calls ordinary men and women and shapes and refines them...I was no way near a good missionary before the mission (and STILL not where I want to be), but someone once told me that alone we cannot do it. We can't. It is physically, spiritually, emotionally impossible. Only through the Lord's help can we make it through anything..., Which explains why I am still out here. He may call someone who you may not have imagined could fill the shoes of your beloved counselor, but she may, with the Lord's help, extend far beyond what you or she thought possible...her capabilities, as well as yours, are only known unto the Lord. I hope that my rant helped a bit.
Me being me

Stress is piling up, but that's just a given with the end of another transfer (yay IBS!). ONLY ONE MORE, BAH! I may be losing more weight than I ever wanted, but I hope to be able to retain as much as I can to perform the work the Lord calls me to. My testimony of prayer has sure strengthened this week. Bless my companion for her patience with me :)

Haha our Ward Mission Leader is being called as a counselor to President Cutler...Saw that coming from a mile away. The rest of the ward has been so gracious, Sister Schlosser and I had a talk about what I can do to help the ward when/if she leaves and she said to just be honest with them. They love it. Me? Honest? No acting? In the words of Drew Barrymore in the movie we all know and love: "I shall try" (with her weird accent)

Our snazzy district
This week was a rough one, but hopefully all of our cancellations will be able to meet this week. We are finally breaking some ground with Lun Cheng. He's still trying to figure out if he has a relationship with God...or if there even is a God for that matter...He refers to himself as 30% Christian, but has hope that he may find the truth. Sister Thurston, a return missionary, is a great fellowshipper for him, but we hope to get someone from the YSA in with him soon. He did go to the YSA Ping Pong Tournament on Saturday and met a lot of people and Brother Cocke from the ward invited him over for dinner last night before his lesson. Fellowship is there, hopefully his conversion to the doctrine will come soon :) This situation reminds me quite a bit of JT's conversion: do you have any advice on how to help an atheist gain a testimony of the existence of God?

Tim's lesson went really well, too. He asked about how he can more fully Endure to the End, and we blatantly told him that it is the Gift of the Holy Ghost that will help him endure, or love, to the end. And he knows he will receive that at baptism. He knows he will be baptized, he told us, “It is all a matter of WHEN.”

Melree (self-referral's) lesson went great! We hope to invite her to a baptism next time since she wasn't too clear on the doctrine of baptism, but she wants to invite her friend to the next lesson!

No worries on my g's, I can hold out till I come home. Thank you for the letters in the package, too, they are helping a lot :)

Cool dragon fly we
found doing service
for the Bush's

Thanks for all of your prayers on my and those I serve with's behalf. We truly do need all the prayers we can get. It's amazing the things that pop up that you never thought were physically possible to endure (both good and bad) as a missionary. But I know that Christ is with me. He knows the depth of my feelings and stress when it comes, and He above all else understands and can offer the remedy of the healing of the soul. Stay strong in the faith of Christ my dear family, there is work to do yet! (As Wisconsonians say after the end of each sentence haha)

Love you more than I love tracting in the heat WOOHOO!!!!

-Sister Weaver-

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