Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Words Cannot Express...

February 9, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

Words cannot express the joy I feel when reading the words of your testimony about hope, love, and family unity that exists within the bonds of ours. It is truly amazing, the strength of those within the gospel. My heart goes out to Anna, but I am so thankful that Allison was there to lend a support of empathy to her.

Regarding the trials Anna and Allison and the Pukahi's and the bajillions of people who struggle with the nasty oppositions of this world, I echo the words of a sister who spoke in our ward this last Sunday about the frailties of human nature and the power the Lord gives us to look beyond them to our purpose here. She is overcoming cancer, herself. And has felt the burden of being weighed down with this personal trial. She says: "We are here to learn godliness; not to be trial-free, go to heaven, and then live a life of eternal bliss without a care in the world. We are here to learn how to become like our Father in Heaven...If our spirit is healthy, it can carry our bodies along no matter how frail or battered they are." And then, we will live a life in the kingdom God has prepared for us and see Him, and know Him, and be joined there with our families to continue on where the work never ends, but the trials that come with human frailty do.

I think it's safe to say that tears filled my eyes when reading about Josh's funeral and the numerous concords of people who came in attendance. I love our family. I love the gospel. Put them together, and I love the fact that we can be an eternal family.

President said that you all could come but usually the Stake President does not want us staying longer than a week. You will probably have to check with our Stake President to make sure it's okay...because it just extends the release time. I'll have to set up everything with Sister Carter so she won't book me a flight home and send me my itinerary. If you have any questions about it, you can call the mission office and ask for her.

Cathy!!! Had I known you were here, I may have been tempted to skip town :) Haha and yes I heard about the groundhog. It figures...and RIGHT after I left too.

I'm glad sissy had a wonderful birthday! I can't believe that two birthdays have come and gone with the twins while I have been here in Wisconsin!

Transfers are upon us once more! Sister Jardine is going home, her 18 months are up! So she's of course freaking out and I've been helping to sedate her with the phrase "It'll all be okay...some day" over and over again. But seriously, she has been such a strong missionary and she has so much good to do upon returning home to her family and friends. And I am SO psyched to get Sister King as my new companiera!!!! I came out with her and wondered when she would be going STL, she is so BOSS!!! My first companion I have known! Woohoo!!!!!

Thank you for all you do! Sorry this is a shorter email, but there's a LOT to get done before Wednesday! BAH!

I send all the love from my heart and soul to each one of yours!

-Sister Weaver-

P.S. OH NO!!!!!! I left my camera cord! ...Next week...

OK here are the pics:

It was an amazing cereal party
with the Veseley's...
and then went nuts.

We all volunteered our services 
at a less active’s snake farm!!
 It was tight!!!  
Over millions of dollars of snakes.

Me with a baby one that was just born.

A cool gecko!
The Jones family: 
they are so getting baptized!
  Kathy (to my right) hasn’t 
drunk coffee in three weeks!!! Woohoo!
In the cold.
  In answer to your question Mom.
  It is never too cold to go out :).

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