Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Taking Over An Area After One Transfer Is Not The Easiest Thing In The World...

February 16, 2015
Yup! I got my package!  
Thank you so much FAMILA!!!
Dear Family & Friends,

That is so cool to hear about that sister who conquered her fears and got baptized. I am so happy for her and all the work she will do in Salem, OR for her fellow brothers and sisters! Can't wait to meet her!

Not gonna lie: this week has been rough! Taking over an area after one transfer is not the easiest thing in the world, but I have definitely been kept on my toes!! But it will get better. (It has to!!!)

During transfers on Wednesday, I was left at the transfer point in Steven's Point for 4 hours with four elders...alone...luckily I already knew them all or it would have been very awkward. It is so weird not having a comp. for that long! We may or may not have made some videos...It made the time go by fast. I was saved when the Steven's Point sisters came and got me for lunch, we could only snack on Elder Draper's candy stash for so long.
The stash we snacked
on for like 4 hours.

I think the sugar got to us.
Elders Draper, Vang, Stewart, Wiscombe, 
and I decided to make a visually dynamic
dragon video.  I turned out pretty good 
(for the resources we had).  
Sorry it won’t send…
probably a good thing.
  Don’t worry, we did stud…yay obedience.

Elder Vang being Asian.
But Sister King is so epic it is ridiculous!! She will do so many miracles here, I can feel it!
She’s in the New Era.  
My comp is famous!!!
This week we already have had many miracles finding new investigators through searching for members on our ward list! Neither Sister King nor I have met all the members of the ward, so, in order to implement our Zone Vision of working better with the members and seeking referrals, we have tried to meet at least one new member a day. So far, it has become very successful! We passed around a sign-up for people to come out with us and were AMAZED at the response. A lot of people in our ward keep to themselves when it comes to missionary work so GREAT changes are happening. We also distributed the Wausau Ward Mission Plan during Relief Society, so we'll be following up with the members when visiting about how they want to implement it.

Although we have received no solid referrals yet this week, we have been able to meet many people and find new investigators at the homes of those in our ward who don't live there anymore :) Two new ward missionaries, the Hoens, have been called and they are phenomenal! Always willing to help and fellowship!

Sadly, two of our new investigators who had a lot of promise, Joe Marie being one of them, dropped us and we have had to push back Gloria's date because she has had a hectic work schedule and we lost all contact for a few days :( But she will get baptized!!

We invited a family to be baptized! They are willing to read the Book of Mormon to know it is true and we hope to get the Rickert’s in there to start fellowshipping them soon!

Kelly wants to work towards baptism once more, but she is worried she can't kick her smoking habit. She has expressed her desire for a priesthood blessing so she will be receiving one this Saturday.

Thank you for the many people you have helped to come into the gospel. I am so excited that you will be able to be my comp. in 5 months...AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for that scripture, I am going to have to mark that one up :)

-Sister Weaver-

...is that a half-smile I see??
Saying goodbye to a
return missionary.

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