Tuesday, October 28, 2014

You Guys Just Made My Halloween (ew)

October 27, 2014

Yo Familio & Friends!

Well as luck would have it, you guys just made my Halloween (ew) all the brighter with your package of sweet treats! Elder Stephens said that we have to be in by 4:30ish on Halloween so hopefully we'll be able to get some appointments in (yeah right, on a holiday?) haha but all will be well :)

Brittany and a mysterious boy...interesting :) haha I hope she waits till I get home to get married! Make sure you let her know.

Sad to hear about Josh, he is truly a fighter and will continue to be, I know it! I'm sure this was a good decision for Jessica...she is strong as well.

I heard about Allison...sketchy, but I applaud how she handled it, she is wise and beyond her years.

I hope that your week is going well! Dominique is progressing very well and has been completing much of the scripture reading suggested in the back of each pamphlet we have given. We are going to strive harder to get her into a member's home this week so that she can receive more fellowship from members while preparing for baptism. We had to push her date back to November 29th, seeing as she won't be able to come to church next week, but is committed to come the week after. She grasps the Gospel of Jesus Christ very well and looks forward to her continued work ethic and progress in her quest to find truth.

We set a date for November 22nd with Claire Castleburg, the 21 one-year-old with a 3 year-old daughter, and she has been feeling the Spirit enrich her life! We have taught the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation in the Williams' home and they are both so wonderful in offering their love and support as she strives to make the changes necessary to prepare her self for baptism. Neither her parents or her roommate are supportive of her being taught the gospel, since she has been raised non-denominational, but she cannot deny the witness of the good fruits of the gospel that have already helped her start to overcome the affects of the sin and guilt that have so often plagues her life. She cried during our last lesson, when she felt that she was worried that she could never become clean, but Brother Williams boldly testified to her of the reality of the Savior's Atonement and the Spirit was SO strong! I love members and the sweet Spirit they bring! Claire has only 2 weeks to find a new place to live, because her roommate won't let her live with her as long as she keeps seeing us, so we are not sure how to best go about helping her with that.

We went on a church tour with Ken! The Catholic young adult that was interested in learning more. He was able to meet the bishop and asked some very inspired questions regarding the Priesthood (it seems that we are getting a lot of Priesthood questions lately). He said that he would be baptized if he received witness that the church was true!

So we've been re-reading the BOM as a mission by Christmas...underlining everything pertaining to the doctrine of the Atonement in red and then how we can access the Atonement in green. It is our gift to the Lord this Christmas and I am SO excited :) I read the parable of the Olive Tree AGAIN, but I think that I am FINALLY starting to get it!!! It's about us! It's about the work we have and must do in preparation for what is to come! I encourage you ALL to read it and underline the heck out of it, because it really is, in essence about each and every one of us as we seek to bring more of God's children unto Him! Please do this, I know that it will bless your and everyone else's lives who you are working with.

Love you all! Stay strong, stay pure, stay spazzy! Thank you for everything!

-Sister Weaver-

Me and Sister Rousseau being spazzy

Sis. R being Muslim

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