Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I Can Definitely Testify To Obedience

October 13, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

Here's me, Sister Trent, and Maggie
(one of the epic youth missionaries)
at mutual :)
I know it is so crazy she just emailed me and I said those exact words, no joke! And let her know what to bring.

Yeah the song David Archuletta sings is a popular one on the mission. I was so happy to hear he did a rendition right after his mish :) We get to see it this Thursday woohoo!!!!

Don't worry Mom, that's Sister Trent in the baby pic. Yeah, after eating cheese for every meal this week (we are getting groceries today so no worries), I AM getting a bit burned out.

Yes, I love President and Sister Cutler! They want us to be all that we can be. The only people who stop us from doing so is ourselves.

I can definitely testify to obedience too! I never realized how slacky I was until Sister Rousseau got here. She talks with everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) and we have found and taught SO many people in the last few days. Every minute truly is precious, and I think as I have gotten comfortable here it has been harder for me to become fully consecrated, but she has definitely helped me rekindle that fire for missionary work that I left the MTC with. She is getting the members excited too and we are seeing them work so well with our investigators. Our numbers went from 12 other lessons to 26 a week! She is amazing! She is VERY determined, but not overboard and she has genuine love for all the people who we are teaching. I don't think she has a comfort zone, actually. I hope that I may continue to share in her enthusiasm for the work as we continue to teach so many new people!

We met so many new investigators this week! Ryan and Diandre (who's Moms had died a year ago), Scott (who has three kids and he lost his wife to cancer a year ago), Ken (a young adult), Kat and Abby (who we found on accident, were hesitant at first, but then invited us in to see a cool lesson with a friction pen and had lots of questions). We encountered a miracle meeting when trying to contact someone who wanted a flier for the Music Night at church: we could have both sworn she said Apartment 7...but when we got there we didn't find her, but Rita, a woman who said that her daughter was looking for a church! We eventually tracked down the woman to give the invitation to, but she said she told us Apartment 4...I guess the Spirit was talking!

I love how wonderful our ward is in coming to lessons and sacrificing their time to teach the gospel with us.  On Saturday we scheduled a church tour with Nick (the brother of Jessica, a PI we met last week) and President Alsop and Sister Couch both came, but Nick didn't show up :( So we tracked him down and ended up teaching the intro to the Plan of Salvation with Jessica and her mom :) They are such a sweet family!

When we visited Bro. Emery at the Colonial Club, three other women ended up joining us for a lesson on the Restoration. Two of them wanted BOM's! The Archer's in our ward had a referral who they invited to Time Out for Women come to church! And we just finished teaching her the Restoration at their home. She is Lutheran, and not ready for baptism, but is willing to learn more and read from the BOM.

We sorta almost stole the Elder's investigator who came to church during RS meeting when she went out to smoke. We ran into her in the bathroom and then ended up teaching her the whole Restoration outside. (She had ?'s, what were we supposed to do?) But she sorta then spilled out all her emotions, which she couldn't really do with the Elders we testified that as she continued to meet with the Elders, she would feel the comfort and hope that she is so yearning for that only the Savior can provide.

We were FINALLY able to get in with Regus (who has been flaking on appointments) and teach him the Restoration, which he enjoyed and committed to baptism on November 15th. We hope that he will continue to read from the BOM and pray to know of the truth of this gospel.

I love you all and know that our Savior lives! Thank you for setting standards of obedience and faith to continue developing as you all too hasten the work!

-Sister Weaver-

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