Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Birthday Was Awesome!

September 8, 2014

Hola Family & Friends,

Thank you for my b-day package!!! Just got it Saturday and we had another party! And the DVDS???? WOOHOO!!!!!!! Y'all are da best.
My birthday was awesome! I did however get a present I didn't want...a nasty cold that STILL will not depart from my esophagus...but t'sall good! Sister Trent threw me a morning b-day wake-up surprise (as attached) and made me breakfast :) 
They sang to me at District Meeting and I'm pretty sure my face turned a new shade of red that hasn't been discovered yet. The STL's called and left me a singing voicemail too. Everyone is so sweet in the ward too, 
Sister Couch made me a cake when we went for supper and made me a table runner (she's mucho into quilting). And then when we made music videos at mutual, they announced it was my birthday...All this while I had a fever made for a great, delirious day! I was given many a meds and Essential Oils (which is really big out here for some reason) from people, so I'm on the mend!

We also went over to Sally, a semi-almost-progressing investigator's, who is like 80 and we see all the time, and she made me a birthday lunch. She said that she loves taking care of us because she knows that she would want her kids to be taken care of while in a strange land away from home. So don't worry, Ma and Da, there are many people who are willing to care for me here and I am so grateful to the Lord for putting such wonderful caring people in my path.

BTW, Mom how is Spanish going? Are you still learning it?

Paul Hathaway?? WHA???? That is so awesome for him!!!! To whom? Tell them congrats from mwa. I wish I could go :( Send pics!

Weather here has been fine, supposed to be like 50 this next week! Crazy!

Dad MCing a Young Women's Fashion Show...I'm not sure how I feel about all those words together in a sentence...This should be interesting.

How awesome is it that the Chavez family is going to the temple!!!! It is so remarkable when you get to continue to see your friends making those steps back to Heavenly Father. I love what Elder Martino said at Mission Tour: imagine seeing those you teach three times in white, 1) At baptism, 2) In the temple, and 3) In the Celestial Kingdom!

This week I have seen the miraculous missionary spirit in our ward more than ever! On Saturday practically the WHOLE ward came to do yard work (HEFTY yard work) for a family who just lost their father, the Round's. They were very grateful.

We received two referrals from the Allen's and a couple more from people who are wanting their friends introduced to the gospel. We FINALLY met with Patti! Her lesson went so well, the Edgar's bore powerful testimony about the Plan of Salvation and how this knowledge has blessed them and their family and how they know that it will bless hers as well. We read with her from the scriptures and re-committed her to read 10 minutes a day. We are also keeping daily contact with her by sending her scriptures. We are meeting once more with her tonight at the Edgar's home and reviewing the Restoration.

We are also striving to keep daily contact with our investigator Gina, who has not been able to read much because she is ALWAYS on call for her nursing and security jobs.

We are finally making some progress with our less active Harriet Shroud! She is allowing us to share messages with her and her husband Jim is being very receptive to us as well. We hope to be able to invite him to read with us soon...but don't know how to go about doing it because he is the one who didn't want us pushing anything on their family.

Every single one of you are MY heroes and don't worry, Ma, in the words of another one of my heroes, Nicholas Nickleby: "Weakness is tiring, but strength? ...Is exhausting." But I know that as you continue in that same diligence and do as the Lord did--long before any of us knew the extent or the depth of anything we would face, saying "Here am I, send me" --He will continue to lift you up in times of adversity as well as in times of great joy.

Sister Trent and I were talking the other day about our pre-mortal life and how the Savior had to have personally spent time with each and every one of Heavenly Father's children before He volunteered Himself as an offering for us. Because how could He truly love us and know how to succor us, if He did NOT first know who we were? Anyway, I thought it was a cool thought.

-3 hand squeezes back!-

SiStEr wEaVeR

August 29, 2014 General Authority Mission Tour 
August 29, 2014 Sisters Hunter, Brewster, Askerlund, Arnold, Weaver, Trent

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