Tuesday, August 26, 2014

This Week Has Seen So Many Miracles!

August 25, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

The Best Family in the World! (But seriously, it's true)

Thanks Ma! Yeah I'm sorry to sound negative, it's still SOOOO different here and a pain that I am still trying to adjust. BAH! It's okay, I'll get over it some day. I shouldn't be focused on that anyway...I should only be focused on the work the Lord has for me to accomplish AND THAT'S IT!

I'm so glad Dad had a wonderful birthday doing what he does best: serving those he loves. I'm not surprised Allison is helping out everyone. She is very serviceable (even if she is getting paid haha) And no she did NOT tell me her track! Josh will remain in my prayers. He's a toughie and I admire how strong he is, I'm glad the treatments are going well! Love the pic of you eating, Ma...classy. That's cool you all are going to Astoria/Lincoln City/Tilamook. Sister Trent's family literally just got back from visiting there.

This week has seen so many miracles! On Monday, we contacted a potential named Gene whose son had died a couple of years past. After breaking the ice, we bore testimony about the Book of Mormon, and invited him to read the last paragraph of the introduction. We testified of how it has answered a lot of our questions about God's plan for His children and he was very happy to accept it. We are hoping to meet with him later this or next week and bring Brother Miller with us to teach him more about the Plan of Salvation.

We also contacted a former named Gina, who is 17 and very ambitious. She was so happy to read from and accept a Book of Mormon after we read with her 3 Nephi 11 about the Savior's ministry to the ancient Americas. SHE asked to schedule a time to meet with her again and also asked about attending church! We gave her the info and said she wanted to bring her sister and nephew. Sadly, though, she got called into work on Sunday so she couldn't come...but next week!

We invited the Stoll's to the chapel later in the week to hear Sister Trent play the piano piece she did in sacrament meeting the week before, because Luella was absent. Brother Stoll picked out a few hymns he wanted to sing as well from our hymn book and the Spirit was SO strong! They also came to the Miller's get together on Saturday and met alot of new people. During ward council the idea was introduced to invite them to the ward temple day in October...which I think would be GREAT for them to attend and walk the grounds and see the temple. The Nye's want to take them.

Exchanges were great this week! We invited all of the youth at YW/YM to bring one non-member friend to mutual next week and Sister Johnson taught me how to ask people for referrals using the Plan of Salvation lesson, while we taught a family of members.

I hope that you all have fun with the fam!! Send pics!

And now let me end this email with all my love and a line from my favorite song from the talented Mr. Mat Kearney: "Every hope and dream that's starting, every time that I see you crying, every step that you keep on climbing, I pray for you now...that you figure it out."

-Sister Weaver-

P.S. Sorry I couldn't get Grandpa Holmes' pic to copy because its protected on FamilySearch.org. You can see it there though :)

Sun Prairie District
Our District...yeah they have their moments :)

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