Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's Been Rainy And Cold...

September 15, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

Hahaha yes I saw the classy video of you all rollin down the hill! Pahahaha and your cool iphone case :) I love seeing how sunny it is there..here it's been cold and rainy...much like home! Thank you for your words on personal revelation, I need that. I am so happy to see the Chavez's in white! I love the beautious temple, it is sad that we can't go to the temple in Sun Prairie because it is 15 minutes over the limit to travel there (2 hours and 15 min), but I am happy I got to go with Sister Anderson, nonetheless :) Yes, those videos are the ones I was hoping for, thank you! The cheese of the 80's makes me smile!! Still, Sister Trent and I have been watching those at lunch and learning quite a bit. It's funny how certain things you've seen before make more sense later in life, whether you are on a mission or on a different spiritual journey of sorts.

Here's one I watched in seminary all those years ago that I have been searching and searching for for years and FINALLY found at the church library: 


This week has seen both blessing and heartache as we met with Patti and shared with her the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She had some questions about the justification of Nephi chopping off Laban's head and we told her that what it all boiled down to was that Nephi was just trying to obey the Lord and the future commandments that He would reveal to them if at first they had the records to obtain them. She then committed to continue reading and come to church, but when Sunday finally came around, she left us with an excuse not to come and a different one with the Edgar's. Brother Edgar knows that she is scared to death to investigate this gospel just as he was and I am thankful that someone is fellowshipping her who can relate to her circumstance. When we tried to reschedule with her, she said that now is not the right time for her to be doing this. But we will continue to send her scripture texts and try to help her from a distance until she is ready once more.

We also lost Gina this week who showed so much promise, but all of a sudden we lost all contact with. When we went to visit her, her mom shooed us away :( I hope that that seed will stay planted in her heart so that she may receive missionaries at a later time.

We took Sally on a church tour on Wednesday and she had a lot of questions about the church and how it runs. When we took her to the chapel and Sister Trent played hymn and I sang, she said that she felt very peaceful...like she does when we go to her house.

We finally visited Sister Pink and I was finally able to meet her husband Laverne! They are going through some rough adjustments, but they are still trying to cope. They let us share a message and invited us back this week.

The SP Elders referred us to Cynthia Revels, a LA member who they accidentally tracted into. They said that she broke down in tears when they talked to her and she told them how she really wants to come back to church and her daughter baptized, who turns 8 in November. We tried to contact her yesterday, with the Stucki's (who are her Home Teachers), but it fell through. We couldn't reschedule because someone else answered the door, but we will most definitely try again this week!

I feel like I could easily complain and gripe about the circumstances this week, but I feel like there is always room for improvement, especially when coming to the attitude of a FULL TIME missionary. I can honestly say that there have been times when I have not thrusted in my sickle as much as I could have with harvest time being so readily upon us, but it does not diminish my testimony of consecration as the key to the success of any missionary. We must place EVERYTHING that keeps us from conforming our will to our Father's on the sacrificial altar and only then will we experience that full change of heart that will make us new people when we return home and face the world.

I love you all and my prayers are with each and every single one of you! I hope that your missionary zeal continues to strengthen and that the grace of the Lord will keep you in the happiness that is yours to be found in the grand blessing that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

-Sister Weaver-
We bought superman companion shirts
at Walmart. With capes. Hence, the picture.

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