Monday, April 7, 2014


April 7, 2014

Hello Family & Friends,

I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!!! Was it just me or did the first session go by FAR too fast! It enlightened me in so many ways pertaining to missionary work. First session we had correlation meeting beforehand, which we always have at the ward mission leader, Brother Tateoka's house (who is a chef and makes us delicious food!), so we just watched it there with the Elders. Second session we watched at the church with the Kettle-Moraine missionaries. One of them is from Sister Anderson's home stake! On Saturday, we watched Conference at the Black's house (who's son Zane just left last Monday for his mission to CA). They have a semi-annual ward-renowned breakfast that they make every General Conference and we were blessed to partake in the physical fatness they provided along with the spiritual :) Uchtdorf is right; endings are harder to comprehend than eternity. Spanish Elders joined us and so did our less-active Candy! I was so happy she came but sad that her boys didn't :( We are trying to get their teenage rears back in spiritual gear!!

Every talk in General Conference was so amazingly enlightening to me about Missionary Work and the Atonement. Temple work and the beautiful gift of the Savior's Atonement also lifted my Spirits toward how important it is to share the gospel with those around me. I am so thankful for the Atonement and I know that ALL children of our Heavenly Father have the opportunity to be affected and changed by it; ALL have the opportunity to be baptized and take upon themselves those saving ordinances and we must do our part as missionaries to help God fulfill this promise.

We committed our investigator Amber to be baptized, after she had received a witness of this Gospel's truthfulness. We have not yet received word of whether or not she watched General Conference, but we promised her that the answers that she was looking for would be answered through the Spirit as she listened to the words of men God has chosen to lead His Church.

On Friday, we met a young man named Brian, who had just that afternoon had contact with the English Elders, and he said he needs Jesus Christ in his life, so we exchanged contact information and planned a time when we could meet with him. I hope that his heart is opened to receiving the restored gospel.

We also met a woman named Angela at Spring's daughter's birthday party. We talked with her a little about the church but since she is from out of town, we can't teach her, but we encouraged her to check out the church near her and Spring was an awesome missionary and gave her some of that information. She has not opened her heart to church for a while, since her last church was racist against her being baptized because she was black, but hopefully she has seen the blessing the gospel has been in Spring's life and will take that chance to learn more.

Can I just say how cute your little icons are, Mom? Love 'em love 'em!!

Love You All with More Love Than I Can Express!!

-Sister Weaver-

Spanish restaurant with Spanish Elders
and Sis. Duran. I ordered the most
food and I'm STILL trying to finish
Don't worry, it's water...
Sister Weaver & Anderson
in front of the Temple
Sister Weaver & Anderson - Selfie
Sister Weaver & Sister Lovelace

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