Tuesday, January 20, 2015

HaHa I Love How We Totally Aren't Into Football!

January 19, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

BAH! Her ring is GORGEOUS! I can't believe these little girls are growing up so fast! How I wish I could come to her wedding. Oh well, if the impossible dream ever happens of me being sealed in holy matrimony, she better come! Hopefully Karissa's isn't till I get home! Could you send me their emails? I have been horrible at writing people who I count as friends. I hope the world may forgive my ridiculousness.

Haha I love how we totally aren't into football, but it takes coming here to totally turn the tables. I could get killed if I let a packer-fan know I was a Seahawks fan here...so I've been keeping it on the DL...except for taunting the Elders. Babies.

Yeah poor Elder Larsen in probably in a manic depression because the Ducks lost (his own college team), and everyone I meet who finds out I'm from Oregon is like: "Aw, how do you feel about the Ducks losing?" And I'm like: "I could really care less to be honest." And then I'm shunned. So I've decided to put my acting skills to use and play the heart-broken. Sometimes, I'll admit, it is rather hard to introduce another religion to a population who is "religiously" entangled with the football world :) But miracles happen!

Yesterday was miraculous! Kelly, Gloria, Spencer, and Kathy (three of whom have baptismal dates) all came to church and they loved it! All of the meetings were very spiritual and gave them the opportunity to bear their own personal testimonies of Jesus Christ.

The boyfriend of one of our investigators, Heather, wants to learn more so we will start discussions this week with them. We also set three more baptismal dates with a family: Tamika, Brittany, and Brenda! I look forward to seeing their progress. We are also helping our ward work on a new Ward Mission Plan that helps families create their own, providing more opportunities to invite missionaries into their home to teach their friends (also opening their home to new investigators the missionaries may be working with).

On Thursday we held a meeting with the leaders in our zone in which we can set new goals to set baptismal dates and build up everyone's enthusiasm for the work once the investigators we have are baptized. I am so excited for the inspired counsel everyone was able to give and for this plan to build up our teaching pools once more to go forth!

Exchanges went great! After going to Steven's Point with Sister Kunz, my testimony of the importance of bearing personal testimony increased. Sister Kunz is a very dedicated and hard-working missionary who has developed strong bonds with the members and non-members there. I was so excited to meet a Native American woman and her daughter that the sisters were working with and teach them about Christ! It was so weird trying to primary-down the lesson so a 9 year-old who doesn't know about Christ can understand :)

This work is real. The church is true. People can change.
Love you all! This week offer to go out with or open our home to someone the missionaries are teaching if you can...they will love that!

-Sister Weaver-

P.S. I found my cord!! The Lord is merciful to his un-focused daughter.

Sister J and I
Sorry it's Fuzzy
And she never smiles,
so don't judge :)
Brother Thomas (our Ward Mission Leader)
gave me a candle in the brownies he offered
all us missionaries during correlation at his
house.  Then they sang.  It was both sweet
and embarrassing :)
It's a sign of the Millennium!
Gas is under two bucks!!!!!!

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