Tuesday, December 23, 2014

This Week Sister Rousseau Was Proposed Too Again!

December 22, 2014

Momasita & Family & Friends,

Yes for sure 10:00 a.m. can work my time.  I gave her your number too so whomever calls whoever first :)

Yup, just send it to my apt. address. Thank you all so much! No I haven't received my package yet but I am definitely looking forward to it :) I am so excited to see you all though! No one could ask for a better Christmas present!!!  (Dip a cracker in THAT cheese, but it's true!)

This week Sister Rousseau was proposed to, again and by the same guy. It was awkward. We are seeing them again today so that should be interesting.

My trainer finished up her mission and went home this week :( along with Sister Silcox (who came to our ward in Sun Prairie yesterday and I got to meet her family!!) They are adjusting well I guess, so they say, back to normal life. SO weird!

We have been prepping Chris for his upcoming baptism! He was not able to make it to church, unfortunately, so he needs to make it one more time before next week; we are praying more "family" stuff does not come up next week. He is progressing well, but we are going to go over the baptismal questions with him once more to see where his understanding truly is in regards to his testimony of the gospel.

We met with Laura this week also and her agnostic son, who has been giving us a lot of grief about the gospel, but has been asking us very good questions and promised he would not stand in the way of his mom being taught. Luckily, he bonded pretty well with Elder Thompson, when we referred him to talk with him, because they come from similar circumstances. He said that it went pretty well and they will be talking about the gospel with him again.

We have been getting some investigator referrals as well, and miracles are happening with a lot of new people we are meeting with! Luckily we had a member with us when we met Laura Brown, a woman who is studying to receive her ministerial certificate. She was very open to us and loved our testimonies of Jesus Christ. We invited her to read the Book of Mormon again (since she had one before) and do so with the question of whether or not the promise inside is true. She said that we were an answer to her prayer and said that she said there is only so much she can learn, but she wants what is in her head to move to her heart. She invited us back :)

Yesterday we were blessed with a ride up to Columbus from one of our members to see the Sullivan family again. They were so happy to see us and apologized for not getting back with us about meeting with them. They are still interested they are just going through ALOT of sickness and change in their family right now but we FINALLY set up a solid return appointment with them. We read with them from the Book of Mormon as well and they promised to read from it.

May the Lord continue to shower blessings down upon you all this Christmas season! I know that this work is true and it is Christ who stands at the helm!

I can't wait to see you all either! Love you more than I can express!

-Sister Weaver-

Our District's Last Picture
We met Elvis with our Eteernigators
the Stoll's when they took us out
to lunch for their anniversary.
We made Brother Stoll Santa Claus
at our Ward Christmas Party!
He loved it.
None of the little kidlets knew
it was him, hehe.

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