Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy P-Day!

February 17, 2014

Ma and Da (and everyone else you forward this to),

I wish I had oodles of time to write everything, but sadly...I don't :( However, this week was an amazing one: first off thank you for the package!! I now have hand warmers for weeks! For Valentine's Day we Sister Anderson and I left paper hearts on the doors of some of the investigators we have come to know. We visited about 12ish people and only got caught once! (Well it was her son so it didn't really count). We felt like weird Mormon Ninja Prowlers but we visited a few of them a couple days later and some still had them up :' ) They expressed how happy they were that we thought of them. A woman named Amber, especially, who struggles with depression and we have trouble getting appointments with.

We made chocolate bowls with balloons for Valentine's Day at Spring's house with her girls. The picture attached is all of us with them right before I accidentally set off our car alarm...

Sister Weaver, Spring girl, Sister Anderson
This week held many promising missionary opportunities with many investigators, less actives, and recent converts where the Spirit was able to teach. When we visited Dee this week, (a woman who has been investigating the Mormons for years) we spoke little about prophets and how God calls whom He will call, giving one authorized person in these latter days all of the priesthood keys necessary to do God's work. Being a learned woman who already knows so much doctrine about the church, she has had trouble accepting or believing the order of the First Presidency, although she agrees with much about Joseph Smith and the Restoration. But she was surprised to learn about that and it made a little more sense to her.

We taught Nikki again (the one who struggles with smoking and we are TRYYYYING to commit to a baptismal date) this time the covenant the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's made with the Lord to bury their weapons of war. We were trying to relate it to smoking, but she got confused and thought it meant that God doesn't want us to defend ourselves. We ended up smoothing that over with the story of the Army of Heleman :)

I was able to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a visual aid for the first time in detail to Sister Nixon, a less active member and could feel the Spirit strongly present during our meeting. We also met with Sister Alson who, because of her declining heath has not been able to come to church. She was very gracious and has such a strong testimony of her purpose in life and her ultimate goal: to live with Heavenly Father, with as much of her family as she can.

I am so grateful for the opportunities the Lord has given me to witness His truth through the strength and faith of the people I meet.

I'm doing....ok.....driving in the snow. What's embarrassing is how embarrassing I am driving when the roads are clear. Each intersection in Waukesha is so confusing you have to change lanes just to go straight and there are lights EVERYWHERE so you don't know which intersection you are in. I've been having my klutzy moments too. I messed up trying to begin a lesson for some members who fed us (in front of all four elders, ugh) and spilled some guava all over someone's nice tablecloth yesterday. So, all in all, if you could pray for my ability to focus, much would be appreciated :)

But enough about my spazziness...I'm glad that the Bishop was able to read Sis. Rutherford's talk. I have no doubt that she will be a wonderful missionary on the other side.

Sister Anderson is writing a boy who is in Cape Verde, Africa mission and whom I'm pretty sure she will marry, but she read to me a bit of his letter today. He said he had hiked up some mountain where he could feel the devil's presence and things occurred of a spiritual nature that he couldn't even describe and resulted in him casting the devil out of someone by the power of the priesthood. It is truly incredible how much trust the Lord puts in His children. He obviously knows our potential and our willingness to do His will, so how could we ever resist putting our trust in Him?

Especially on a mission where you have to FULLY rely on the Spirit. I didn't know what that meant until I came. It is something that only a mission sent by the Lord could fulfill. I was thinking the other day about how so many miracles were present during the Restoration--God, Moroni, Elijah, Peter, James, and John coming down, angles being seen atop the temple--and how it is so easy for us today to think about how ministering angels and miraculous visions are so rare in these the latter days of the last dispensation. Is it because miracles have ceased? No. It is because just as the time of the Restoration yielded Gospel knowledge through the strength of faithful members, so today is a time in which faith is of the upmost importance to exercise. We live in a time in which our knowledge will not be tested, but our faith. This is a dispensation in which faith must prevail. Since faith and prayer are the most powerful weapons against the adversary, why else would Satan be attacking this principle harder than he ever has before--at a time just before his destined binding torment will take place?

I love you all so much!! Please stay warm and safe in this tumult of snow you are getting over yonder West!!!!!

-Sister Weaver-

P.S. Tell Dad that I heard "The Thunder Rolls" country song at a member's house and thought of him :)

P.S.S. Look who I saw when doing part of my 12-week training course online!  Elder Micael Cook, a family friend from Bonney Lake in our old ward Victor Falls, we served in the Richmond, Virginia Mission a couple of years ago.
Elder Michael Cook
Elder Michael Cook

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